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Pork sausage was nearly half horse meat

A food import company has been prosecuted after a pork sausage product on sale at a Kent shop was found to contain 46% horse meat.

The case at Dartford Magistrates Court today was the result of a test purchase at the shop in Market Street by KCC Trading Standards in October last year. Tests were carried out at Kent Scientific Services and produced the results.

The subsequent investigation found that the product, a Lukanka Chumerna sausage, had been imported by Expo Foods Limited, based in London. The vacuum-packed food was manufactured in Bulgaria and was labelled as containing pork sausagemeat.

Despite the large media coverage concerning the presence of undeclared horse meat in various food products in January 2013, the company undertook no tests on the sampled product which was imported in September 2013.

The company pleaded guilty today at Dartford Magistrates Court to a charge under the Food Safety Act, that the product was not of the substance demanded. It was fined £5,000 and an award of £2,500 made towards council costs plus a £120 surcharge.

Horse dies in suspected deliberate attack

George the horse had to be put down after getting caught in an electric fence Credit: Sussex Police

A horse had to be put down after it became entangled in an electric fence to such an extent that its owners believe it was targeted in a deliberate act.

The horse, called George, was discovered in a field in Blackgate Lane, Pulborough, on Tuesday, September 9. It was lying on the ground with the electric fence line wrapped tightly several times around its left fore and hind legs. It was released, but the incident had caused irreparable injuries to both legs and George, sadly, had to be put to sleep a few days later.

"At first we thought it was just an unfortunate accident where George had got himself tangled up in the fence. However, the number of times that the fence line was wrapped around each foot aroused our suspicions and we called the police. Unfortunately, the line was so tight that it cut off circulation to both feet and the vet was unable to save them or ultimately, George."

– Zoe Walker, who runs Soul Equestrian at Scrase Farm

"There's no apparent reason why this horse or these stables should have been targeted in this isolated incident, but we would like to hear from anyone who has any information about the incident or who has experienced anything similar. Blackgate Lane is fairly remote, but were you around the area at any time from late afternoon or overnight on Monday, September 8 and if so die you see anything suspicious? If so, please email or call 101 quoting serial 1096 of 18/09."

– PC Jonny Walker


Horse rescued from deep water in Kent

Kent Fire and Rescue helped pull the horse to safety Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

Kent Fire & Rescue Service has been called into action after a horse was spotted struggling in deep water in Kent. The grey cob mare was seen near Whitstable and rescued with help from the RSPCA.

Kent Fire and Rescue helped pull the horse to safety Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

Warning after horse is rescued from bog

The horse got stuck in boggy ground in the New Forest Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Horse riders in Hampshire are being urged to stick to bridle paths after a horse got stuck in a bog and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Earlier this week a horse got stuck in boggy ground near Ibsley after the horse and its rider left a nearby bridle path.

Rescuers pull the horse to safety Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

The 12 year old 16 hand dressage horse lost its footing on the uneven terrain and sunk its legs into the bog.

Animal Rescue Specialist Jim Green, Officer in Charge of the incident said: ""Riders may feel that due to the recent good weather that going across forests and fields will be safe.

"However, given the rainfall experienced earlier this year, many areas are still heavily waterlogged and may be hazardous to horses and their owners."

Hampshire riding school burglary

A £12k car and specialist horse equipment has been stolen from a farm in East Hampshire.

Hampshire Police are looking into the burglary which took place between 9pm and 6.45am on Tuesday 1st April at Hewshott Farm.

The burglar is thought to have climbed through a window of the stables, between Liphook and Haslemere, where they removed keys to open storage containers full of equipment.

A John Deere HPX Gator 4x4 car worth £12,000 and a vast amount of horse tack was taken.

More than 28 leather saddles, from £300 to £3,000 were also taken, as the burglars used the stolen vehicle to transport the equipment across the fields towards the A3.

If anyone saw or heard anything at the farm or saw any vehicles on the A3 transporting the 4x4 vehicle and the tack please get in touch. The farm is in a rural location and the offender(s) have selected only the higher valued saddles and other items. This is detrimental to the riding school business as well as all the other riders at the stables who have had property stolen."

– Sarah Newman, WPC at Hampshire Police

Parts of dismembered horse found in Hampshire

More body parts of a horse have been discovered near to a railway line in Hampshire.

RSPCA inspector Penny Baker had been investigating the original discovery of a dismembered horse found in Burseldon near Southampton on Tuesday 4th March.

A head, torso and leg were originally found.

But more body parts, including a hoof, leg and pelvic bone, of what is thought to be from the same horse, were found near Satchell Lane in Hamble.

Inspector Baker believes the latest remains may have been dumped after media reports of the original discovery.

She said, "It looks like someone has just driven up and thrown them over the fence. The smell was quite strong and I'm sure someone would have come across them if they had been there for more than a week."


Young horse dumped in rubbish bag in Kent

The RSPCA are appealing for information after a skewbald foal was dumped in a rubbish bag and left to die.

The young horse was found by a dog walker who spotted the foal’s nose poking out of a yellow, heavy duty Hippo bag in an alleyway behind homes on Kingsground Avenue, Belvedere on Wednesday.

The horse had collapsed and was emaciated with shallow breathing.

It looks like someone has reversed a truck down the start of the alleyway next to the Leverbottle Pub and just chucked the bag off the back of their truck and driven away knowing the horse would lay there suffering until an eventual death. How someone can dump a live horse in a dark alley knowing that they would be leaving it there to suffer and die is beyond me. It was an upsetting scene. I have never seen anything like it. Thank goodness for the kind members of the public that rang us and stayed to assist while we waited for the vet and horsebox.”

– RSPCA Insp Ellen Thomas

Fire crews use mini digger to rescue horse from ditch

The horse called 'Rosy' being rescued Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has rescued a horse, which had fallen into a deep ditch in a field in the Woodlands area of the New Forest. A mini digger was used to pull 'Rosy' the mare to safety.

'Rosy' the horse is pulled to safety Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue
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