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Toddler rescued from hotel roof

A two-year-old child had to be rescued after climbing on to a hotel roof in Oxfordshire.

The toddler had climbed a ladder, walked across a flat roof and onto the ridge of a high pitched roof at the Tree Hotel in Iffley.

A passer-by climbed up a drainpipe and onto the pitched roof to the child who was perched on the ridge.

When the Fire Service arrived, they were confronted with a man holding a child stuck on the roof and a female, thought to be the mother, also stuck on the roof having tried to reach the child.

The Fire Service, using ladders, rescued the child and the two adults and handed the toddler back to the shocked parents. FF Morbey said “The brave actions of the member of the public made sure that the child was safe and the Fire Service could bring everyone down to the ground.”