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Brighton's i360 tower is open today

The i360 is open today Credit: ITV

The British Airways i360 tower, beset with technical problems, is open today.

Hundreds of passengers were trapped for hours when it broke down on Thursday and twice on Sunday

i360 closed for repairs after passengers get stuck again

"Shambolic" - the verdict of one customer caught up in the continuing problems on Brighton's i360 observation tower.

The attraction broke down twice yesterday, leaving passengers stuck in the viewing pod.

Today, some came back to try again, only to be told the i360 was closed while specialist engineers worked on it.

Malcolm Shaw has been following the latest developments.


Brighton i360 welcomes 100,000th visitor

Credit: PA

The British Airways attraction opened thee weeks ago and welcomed its 100,000th visitor on the Bank Holiday Weekend.

It's the world's tallest moving observation tower at 162 metres. It cost £46 million and can carry up to 200 passengers.

The world’s first vertical cable car was designed by London Eye architects Marks Barfield Architects.

Credit: PA

"We are delighted that British Airways i360 is already proving to be so popular and is attracting visitors from far and wide as well as helping to build Brighton & Hove’s fame across the world.”

– Cllr Gill Mitchell, deputy leader of Brighton & Hove City Council

British Airways i360 welcomes first fee-paying passengers

It's taken twelve years to plan, and two years to build.

And today was the day the public got their first chance to ride on the British Airways i360 in Brighton.

It's the world's tallest moving observation tower, and it cost 46 million pounds, so expectations were high.

But what did the first fee-paying passengers make of it?

We sent Malcolm Shaw to find out.


Visitors 'frozen in time' at Costume Games

Visitors to the Costume Games posed for photos Credit: ITV Meridian

Visitors to the Costume Games in Brighton have been posing for photos that make it look like they're frozen in time.

They've been photographed using 40 synchronised cameras, which are then turned into 360 degree videos of the image.

Making some people look like they are floating in the air.

ITV Meridian spoke to Developer Kati Byrne.

Going up? Get a sneak peak of the view from the i360

Building work hasn't even finished yet but Brighton's i360 tower is already the tallest structure in Sussex.

Having reached 120 metres high it's now bigger than Shoreham Power station and even Gatwick's air traffic control. And as well as the impressive engineering it's already offering some spectacular views.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to project manager Neal Mardon and chief executive of the i360 Eleanor Harris.

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