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Mother of baby Eli asked woman to change her statement, says hospital nurse

A court has been hearing how a mother-of-nine children, who's accused of causing or allowing the death of her five-month-old baby, was overheard asking another woman to change her statement.

Eli Cox stopped breathing at his home on the Isle of Sheppey in April last year.

He was rushed to hospital with what turned out to be a 'catastrophic' brain injury and 28 bone fractures.

Staff from that hospital have been giving evidence in Maidstone Crown Court.

Abigail Bracken reports.

Man in 80s seriously injured after being hit by car on Isle of Sheppey

The accident happened on Barton Hill Drive in Minster-on Sea Credit: Google Images

An elderly man from Kent is in a serious condition in hospital after he was hit by a car in Minster.

The accident happened at 1.42pm on Saturday on Barton Hill Drive.

Officers were called to the scene amid reports that a man in his 80s had been struck by a black Kia Cee'd, close to the junction with Sanspareil Avenue.

He sustained a serious head injury and was taken to a London hospital for treatment.

Officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the collision that is yet to speak with them.


Footballers tackle mental health through sport

Football and mental health have made headlines in recent weeks with a growing number of players revealing they've had to seek help with the issue.

Last week, Everton winger Aaron Lennon was detained under the Mental Health Act over fears for his safety.

But the beautiful game can help those battling the problem. In Monday night's programme, Derek Johnson talked with the Swale Tigers, a football team made of players with mental health issues.

He spoke to manager Toni Golden, and co-founder, Matt Bromley.


Investigation begins into cause of prison riot

It had been branded as 'dangerous' with 'high levels of violence'. So how were 60 prisoners able to cause a major disturbance at one of Kent's biggest jails overnight?

Swaleside is one of three prisons on the Isle of Sheppey - known as the Sheppey Cluster. Alongside Stanford Hill, and Elmley, it houses almost 3,000 inmates.

It was condemned in a report last summer as an institution where more than two thirds of prisoners felt unsafe, and having "worrying" levels of violence.

Last night, specialist riot prison officers had to be called in, when inmates took control of a wing for several hours. Fires were lit and troubled flared.

It was only in the early hours of this morning, that order was restored.

Campaign launched to save babies' lives in Kent

Credit: Kent County Council

A new campaign has been launched in Kent to support parents with young babies, offering vital safety advice to protect their children and reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Each year in Kent, approximately nine babies under a year old die unexpectedly in their sleep.

There are no obvious reasons for these deaths, but factors such as overheating and co-sleeping increase the risk.

Kent Safeguarding Children’s Board and partner organisations have developed innovative thermometer cards which will help parents understand the issues and monitor the temperature of the room in which their baby is sleeping.

My daughter Maisie is 14-weeks-old and I’m fairly aware of the dangers of her overheating but I know some new parents aren’t and they can be easily confused, especially when it’s winter and you’re looking at putting your baby in a grow bag or a blanket to sleep.

– Mum Jemma Gardner, from the Isle of Sheppey

To prevent your baby overheating, it is advised:

  • Never cover your baby’s head when they are sleeping
  • Never put your baby to sleep in a cot/crib with pillows, cot bumpers, duvets/quilts or soft toys
  • Always remove your baby’s hat and outer clothing when coming indoors – especially if the baby is asleep
  • Always remove your baby from their car seat as soon they are brought inside – car seats are designed for transport only.
  • Avoid dressing your baby in warm clothing when carrying in a baby sling – they could overheat.
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