Insurers pay out "millions"

Ministers have met with UK Insurance companies to discuss the flooding in southern England and areas along the River Thames.

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Train company says bad weather has affected performance

The Managing Director of South West Trains has issued a video statement about the company's performance during the recent bad weather.

In the statement Tim Shoveller says a number of landslips caused by rain and flooding has meant that trains have not been as punctual.

He added that the company was doing all it can to improve on this.

Rumours of looting in Buckskin are untrue, say police

Rumours on social media that properties in the Buckskin area of Basingstoke are being looted are untrue.

Hampshire Police have confirmed that there have been no incidents of theft, looting or any burglary offences in that area.

Homes have recently had to be evacuated due to the ongoing flooding.

There has only been one reported incident of anti-social behaviour caused by youngsters running through water.

Families forced to evacuate their flooded homes

Dozens of people have spent the night in hotels in Basingstoke after rising groundwater that had no where to go - started seeping up through the floors in their homes.

Around 50 properties in Buckskin had to be evacuated and residents moved to the local church and community centre before being placed in temporary accommodation.

Local people told ITV Meridian that within an hour of a few damp patches forming - their carpets were soon inches under water.

Here's Kerry Swain.

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