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26 months after the Shoreham air disaster are the victims' families any nearer justice?

It's now 804 days since a Hawker Hunter jet smashed into a crowd of spectators - killing eleven men at the Shoreham Airshow.

In the 26 months that have followed there have been no charges brought against the pilot Andy Hill, no answers from an inquest - and the grieving families have now been told their legal aid has been rejected.

Shoreham's MP told the Commons this week he feels the relatives of the victims are being neglected. So are we any nearer clarity - or justice?

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to the families' QC Gerard Forlin, Caroline and Bob Schilt, who's son Jacob died in the crash, and MP Tim Loughton.

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Many families have found it impossible to talk about their heartbreak after the Shoreham airshow crash. Many are angry at the unanswered questions and the lack of accountability.

The parents of Matt Grimstone, one of the young footballers who died, say: "Apart from anything that the pilot may have got wrong, it's very evident the CAA and the Shoreham Airshow organisers have got much to answer for."

Meanwhile, the parents of 23-year-old footballer Jacob Schilt, who was in the same car as Matt Grimstone, say they're shocked by the failings of all involved.

Andy Dickenson speaks to Bob and Caroline Schilt.


Parents of Jacob Schilt speak one year on from plane crash that killed their son in Shoreham

It's almost exactly a year since 11 people were killed when a Hawker Hunter vintage jet crashed onto the A27 during the Shoreham Airshow.

As the anniversary approaches families of the victims are still waiting for answers about the chain of events leading up to the crash.

Andy Dickenson talks to Bob and Caroline Schilt, the parents of Jacob Schilt - one of two young footballers killed that day - about their uncertainty and their loss.