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Record numbers of jellyfish spotted off south coast

Barrel jellyfish, actually called Rhizostoma pulmo, are the largest species of jellyfish in Britain Credit: ITV Meridian

A record number of barrel jellyfish have been spotted in waters off the south coast for a second year, according to experts.

The Marine Conservation Society says there were more than 14-hundred reports last year and research is needed into why numbers are increasing.

There has also been more sightings of the potentially deadly Portuguese man-of-war.

Giant jellyfish washed up on Bournemouth beach

The giant sea creature surprised beachgoers in Bournemouth Credit: @ClivePatch
The jellyfish is one of many that has been spotted along the south coast Credit: @ClivePatch

A giant jellyfish has been found washed up in the middle of Bournemouth beach.

It's one of many giant creatures that have been discovered washed up on the South's shores.

The Marine Conservation Society are warning that the oversized marine animals could become a regular sighting if the weather brightens up.

The jellyfish was found on Tuesday halfway between Bournemouth and Boscombe pier.


Ten jellyfish found on south's beaches

Credit: Steve Trewhella

They are normally found in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean but we could see increasing numbers of barrel jellyfish in the waters around the UK, especially as the weather warms up - 10 have recently been found washed ashore.

Steve Trewhella, who photographed this one, believes they get swept on to the beach and stranded by the wind and the tides.

Although this species of jellyfish is harmless, the marine conservation society is still advising people not to touch them.

South could see jellyfish surge

Warm weather sees boom in UK jellyfish blooms. Credit: Credit: Blue Reef Aquarium/PA Wire

Jellyfish blooms are on the rise following recent warm weather after the cold spring delayed their appearance, marine experts have said.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is urging people to report their sightings of jellyfish, which act as a barometer of the seas, as part of its annual national jellyfish survey.

This year they had been a rare sight in UK seas until hot weather warmed coastal waters in recent weeks.

But increasing numbers of moon, compass, blue and lion's mane jellyfish have been reported.

Warning after jellyfish spotted in the south

Coastguards are urging people to be vigilant after jellyfish were spotted on the south coast.

Solent Coastguard is urging people to be on the lookout for a type of jellyfish that can deliver a powerful sting.

It’s believed that “Portuguese Men o’ War” have been spotted in West Wittering and the Selsey Bill areas off the West Sussex coast already this week.

Today Solent Coastguard has been taking reports of sightings in Chale Bay on the Isle of Wight.

The advice from the Marine Conservation Society is not to touch the jellyfish with bare hands, and seek medical attention if you are stung.

The MCS also ask that any sightings are reported to them.