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Corbyn blames austerity for Grenfell Tower tragedy

Jeremy Corbyn has told a conference in Brighton that the fire at Grenfell Tower was "wholly preventable".

In his first major speech since the general election, the Labour leader blamed what he called the "brutal reality of austerity economics".

But Mr Corbyn admitted there was still work to do to persuade voters in the South that he should be the next Prime Minister, as Malcolm Shaw reports.

Labour leader visits Reading to reveal future vision

Credit: ITV Meridian

A large crowd of Labour supporters cheered on Jeremy Corbyn in Reading today as he spelt out his vision for the future.

It was the Labour leader's first visit to the Thames Valley since the General Election was called.

Sangeeta was hoping for a one to one interview with the leader to put some of your Facebook questions to him - but as you can see in the report below, it didn't go quite to plan.

Jeremy Corbyn was received by crowds of supporters Credit: ITV Meridian

Jeremy Corbyn is backing Arsene Wenger!

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is backing Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. And, after defeat to Spurs at the weekend, Arsenal fan Mr Corbyn is taking stick from the Tottenham MP. Mr Corbyn was in Southampton Test, one of the very few seats in the South held by Labour.

Reaction to Corbyn's leadership victory - away from Parliament

Following a fierce battle within the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn has won the party's leadership election.

But while MP's have been very publicly fighting it out what do the region's campaigners and party members make of the party split?

And where does today's win for Corbyn leave local MP's who spoke out against him?

Sarah Saunders watched the results come in with Labour Party members in Lewes.


  1. Philip Hornby

The Last Word, September 2016

Three months after we voted to leave the EU, what progress are we making towards the departure lounge? What do we want from Brexit?

And it's all change at the top: new leaders for the Tories, Greens, UKIP - and possibly Labour too. How will that change the political landscape?

To debate this - and more - Henry Bolton from UKIP, Suella Fernandes MP from Fareham in Hants, and Alan Whitehead MP from Southampton.

  1. Phil Hornby

The Last Word, July 2016

Out with the old, and in the with the new. Goodbye to the EU, and hello to the vicar's daughter from Sussex - the Maidenhead MP, Theresa May. So much has happened on the political scene in the last three weeks. Whoever thought in June, that it would be May in July ?

On this month's Last Word, Helen Whately MP, the Faversham & Mid Kent Conservative; Anneliese Dodds MEP, the Labour euro-MP for South East England; and Tim Loughton MP, who represents the Conservatives in Worthing East & Shoreham debate what a Theresa May Government will look like. And they look at the future of the Labour Party as challengers emerge to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Tax credits 'crisis': Jeremy Corbyn's message to working families in the South

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has arrived at the Caterpillars Pre School to speak to parents about tax credit cuts.

Jeremy Corbyn in Sussex today Credit: ITV Meridian
Jeremy Corbyn speaks to parents and pre-school workers in Sussex Credit: ITV Meridian

He's been joined by Peter Lamb, the Labour Leader of Crawley Council. Mr Corbyn, has already clashed with the Tories over what he says will be a "crisis for three million families." He has demanded that David Cameron guarantees that working families will not be worse off.

The Government's plans to cut tax credits by £4.4 billion were defeated in October when the House of Lords passed a motion to delay any decision while further assessment is carried out.

New proposals are expected to be set out in the Autumn Statement this month. Mr Cameron has told MPs that the basic level of child tax credits would stay the same.

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to families and pre-school workers in Crawley Credit: ITV Meridian
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