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Gale force ferry crossing row

Passengers who travelled on a ferry in gale force 6 winds are asking why the voyage was allowed to go ahead. Thirty cars were damaged.

Rough crossing damages cars

About 30 cars were damaged when a ferry made a crossing from Poole to the Channel Islands in force six winds.

Man killed in holiday tragedy

A man from Southampton has died after slipping down a gully while on holiday in Jersey. Police have called the incident a 'tragic accident'.

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Teenager walks again thanks to Southampton hospital

Charlotte Volante, from Jersey, had been confined to a wheelchair since the age of 11 after being born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. But children's orthopaedic expert Caroline Edwards was confident she could get Charlotte standing again.

After a complicated operation last July to lengthen the tight muscles at the hips, knees and feet, Charlotte amazed her family by standing up next to her hospital bed at Southampton General Hospital.

Not only did the procedure enable Charlotte to stand upright in a supported frame, the improvement in movement allowed her to take her first steps. The breakthrough was just 10 days before her 18th birthday and left Charlotte and her family with a double reason to celebrate.

We have been coming to Southampton General Hospital regularly since Charlotte was just a day old and have nothing but good things to say about it.

The staff have been brilliant and there are still one or two we remember from when we first came in all those years ago."

– Tony Volante, Charlotte's father


"It was like the boat going through brick walls"

Passengers have described a ferry crossing through bad weather was like "the boat going through a load of brick walls". About 30 cars were damaged when a ferry made a crossing from Poole to Jersey in force six winds. Cars bumbed into each other in the hold during the sailing yesterday.

Condor Ferries said cars were strapped down but the rough conditions caused them to move. The added the ferry was "operating within safety guidelines" and added no-one was hurt.



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