Jimmy Savile

Police failures on Savile abuse

A new report is highly critical of two of our region's police forces and how they handled allegations of abuse against Jimmy Savile.

New Broadmoor allegations against Savile

Jimmy Savile thought he was "untouchable" and would walk regularly in on vulnerable Broadmoor patients in the bath, it has been claimed.

Exclusive: Savile events axed

Plans to hang photographs of Jimmy Savile on Cunard ships have been abandoned together with a memorial event on Queen Elizabeth next year.

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Savile investigation now a criminal inquiry

Jimmy Savile was a huge supporter of Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire. Credit: PA

The inquiry into alleged child abuse by Jimmy Savile is now a formal criminal investigation involving other living people, Scotland Yard said today.

Savile was a huge supporter of Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire, and there have been claims in recent weeks that he abused patients there.

Operation Yewtree has moved from an assessment to a criminal investigation after detectives established there are lines of inquiry involving "living people that require formal investigation".

Scotland Yard said two weeks of gathering information has involved assessing more than 400 lines of inquiry and has identified more than 200 potential victims.

The force said: "As we have said from the outset, our work was never going to take us into a police investigation into Jimmy Savile.

"What we have established in the last two weeks is that there are lines of inquiry involving living people that require formal investigation."

Inquiry into Jimmy Savile's role at Broadmoor in 1980s

Jimmy Savile in his office
Jimmy Savile in his office Credit: ITV Meridian Archive

The government is to launch an inquiry into its own decision to appoint Jimmy Savile as a head of a 'task force" overseeing the management of Broadmoor Hospital in the 1980s.

Allegations emerged this week that Savile had abused patients at the high security psychiatric hospital in Berkshire after being given free access to the wards.

He was a volunteer there for four decades, had his own set of keys and in 1988 was appointed to help oversee the running of the hospital, something the Department of Health now says should never have happened.

Broadmoor in the 1980s
Broadmoor in the 1980s Credit: ITV Meridian Archive


Policeman "tried to blow whistle"on Savile

A retired policeman says he tried to blow the whistle on Jimmy Savile's behaviour back in the 1970s - but his claims were dismissed.

John Lindsay was a detective constable with Thames Valley Police when he raised concerns about the star's treatment of girls at Stoke Mandeville.

His revelations come as a former patient claims Savile abused her at the hospital. Kate Bunkall reports

Patients from two hospitals claim Savile abuse

It's been claimed that nurses at a hospital in the South dreaded visits by Jimmy Savile - and told young patients to pretend to be asleep when he was around.

The TV presenter regularly went to Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire and raised millions of pounds for its spinal unit. Police have contacted managers as part of investigations into sexual abuse allegations.

The hospital says it has "no record" of inappropriate behaviour - but is co-operating fully with the police. And, today a patient from another hospital - Broadmoor - claims they, too, suffered abuse. Reshma Rumsey has been following the story.

MP calls for full inquiry at Stoke Mandeville

Bosses at Stoke Mandeville Hospital are being urged to launch an investigation into claims Sir Jimmy Savile may have abused patients there. Reading East MP Rob Wilson has written to the chief of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to request a full inquiry.

The TV presenter worked at the hospital as a volunteer fundraiser and had his own private room. The trust says it would be inappropriate for them to conduct their own internal investigation at the moment but they are supporting the police fully with their enquiries.


Hospital's shock at Savile abuse claims

Stoke Mandeville Hospital at Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Credit: PA

A Buckinghamshire hospital has described its shock at fresh allegations against TV presenter Sir Jimmy Savile which suggested he preyed on children during visits to wards as part of his catalogue of abuse.

Claims have emerged that Savile groped young patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he worked as a volunteer fundraiser.

Nurses are understood to have dreaded Savile's visits because of his behaviour, and would tell children to stay in bed and pretend to be asleep when he came round.

Former patient Rebecca Owen said she overheard nurses talking in a way that suggested he also targeted them.

"It was an air of resignation that you had to put up with," she said. "There was some sort of ironic chatter between the nurses about who would be the lucky one to go off to his room."

A spokesman for Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs Stoke Mandeville, said: "We are shocked to hear of the serious allegations about Jimmy Savile.

"At this stage in the proceedings it would not be appropriate for us to conduct our own internal investigation, however we have been contacted by the police this week and are supporting them fully with their inquiries. If their findings suggest that we do need to take further action we will do so."

The hospital has urged anyone with any concerns to contact police.

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