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Do you know where this man is?

Imran Shaukat Credit: ITV Meridian

Do you recognise this man? Or, do you know where he is? Police are offering a £5,000 reward for information to locate Imran Shaukat, aged 26. They believe he can answer questions over the death of Kalan Fletcher, killed in a hit and run collision.

Today, Kalan's family re-appealed for help - one year on from his death. The 23 year old was hit by a van in the A273 in Hassocks.

Parents appeal on hit and run anniversary

The parents of of a man who died in a hit and run collision a year ago today, are making a heartfelt appeal for the driver to come forward.

Kalan Fletcher 23, died whilst walking along London Road, Hassocks, in the early hours of October 22, 2011.

He was walking a friend home when he was hit by a Ford van that police later traced in Worthing.

Police are seeking Imran Shaukat, 27, who they believe may hold vital information in relation to the case and are offering a £5,000 reward for details that will lead to his arrest and conviction.

Kalan's mother Stella Hawker is desperate for Mr Shaukat to come forward.

I can understand him being scared and leaving that night but I cant understand why it has taken him so long to come forward.

"It's a torment for my kids. Kalan has gone. He isnt going to turn up at the door and in their eyes there is no closure.

"We need to end this torment. Shaumat should do the humane thing and come forward. I would appeal to anyone who knows him to call the police as to his whereabouts."

– Stella Hawker