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Stolen sentimental items returned to grieving parents

The toy dinosaur was returned along with other items Credit: KENT POLICE

Precious items belonging to bereaved parents have been returned after they were reported stolen in Dartford.

On 19th April, 2017 a black Ford Fiesta was stolen from Mead Road. The car contained items of sentimental value to the victim, relating to a baby who had recently died.

The buggy, two car seats and red toy dinosaur were left at North Kent Police Station at approximately 6.15 last night.

Kent Police officers are continuing to make a number of enquiries into the theft and are appealing for any information which may assist their investigation.

The Fiesta’s licence plate begins X389, but it is possible this may have now been removed.

The vehicle had recently been undergoing some repairs, but still has a faulty bonnet which will not close properly.

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