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Weapons handed in during knife amnesty

After two weeks of a knife amnesty in Hampshire, six weapons have been handed in at Basingstoke police station.

Bins have been placed at four police stations across Hampshire as part of an ongoing national anti-knife campaign, Operation Sceptre.

Members of the public are being encouraged to dispose of knives and bladed articles in the amnesty bins without fear of repercussions.

Six weapons have been handed in to police during knife amnesty Credit: Hampshire Constabulary

“After the first two weeks of this amnesty we have had six weapons handed in, in Basingstoke; that's six weapons off the street which can no longer be used to harm anybody.

"The amnesty will continue until July 20; this is your chance to hand unlawful weapons in and walk away without prosecution and be free from the fear you could be putting yours and your loved ones lives at risk.

“We know people carry knives for many reasons including fear, or because they think it will protect them. However, in reality carrying a knife puts them at greater risk of being seriously injured or killed, not to mention being arrested for possession of a bladed article.

“I would urge you to take this opportunity to rid yourselves of any illegal weapons, as we are continually developing intelligence on those believed to be carrying knives or bladed articles. We will take a robust approach to anyone found to be illegally in possession of a knife or bladed article on the streets.”

– Chief Inspector Claire Taylor

Hundreds of dangerous knives handed in

Hundreds of dangerous knives including machetes and samurai swords have been handed into police during a knife amnesty in Southampton. The month-long campaign has been supported by a mother who knows all too well the heartache caused by knife crime.

Hannah Costigan talked to Jen Singleton, victim's mother, and Chief Inspector Kelly Whiting of Hampshire Police.