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Iconic armour of King Henry VIII's on display in Kent

King Henry VIII's armour has returned to Leeds Castle in Kent after 500 years.

Two of the most iconic pieces of armour that belonged to the infamous monarch are on exhibition in the Castle from 23 July to 21 September.

The Tonlet armour of King Henry VIII's will be on display at Leeds Castle Credit: Leeds Castle

The Horned Helmet was commissioned by Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I as a gift for the young King.

And the and the Tonlet armour, which was made for the King for the foot combat at the Field of Cloth of Gold, have been loaned to Leeds Castle by the Royal Armouries – home to the national collection of arms and armour.

The Horned Helmet was a gift for the young king Credit: Leeds Castle


'Children's Promise' youngsters at Leeds Castle

Behind the scenes at Leeds Castle Credit: Andrea Thomas

The Children's Promise group were all born on December the 20th (i.e. 2012) in the year that the Olympic bid was announced (2004). So all these children are now aged seven and were all born on the same day. They were on stage for the lighting of the cauldron at Leeds Castle.