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Britain's top dog comes face to face with his LEGO model!

A Sprocker Spaniel was officially declared the UK’s best pet when he came nose to nose with his perfect LEGO double at Legoland in Windsor.

One-year-old Sully was voted the nation’s top dog for helping a family deal with a life-changing tragedy and was nominated by eight-year-old Ella Harvey.

Sully was joined by his owners, The Harvey family, who credit their dog with bringing them closer together after dad, Gavin, lost both legs on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The canine topped a nationwide search to find the country’s best pet friend and Ella was overjoyed to see her puppy pal honoured with his very own LEGO model.

Sully has helped the family to overcome dark times.

Ella's mum, Kerry, said: "There's so much physically that we can't do as a family since Gavin was inured. But Sully helps us to bridge that activity gap."

The playful spaniel took a keen interest in his LEGO double, which took a model maker 11 days to create from 6,255 individual bricks.


Lego model of MRI scanner built to help children

The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading has introduced a fun way of helping its younger patients prepare for scans. It asked Lego to create a model of an MRI scanner to help children understand what to expect.

Ashley Zdanowicz from the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Edward Parkin, who's a patient, tell us what they think.

Trio head to USA after winning Lego competition

Three teenagers from the Simon Langton schools in Canterbury have won a trip to the World Lego Festival in America.

They won the UK National Final of the Institution of Engineering and Technology's First Lego League.

Oli English, Emma English and Carlos Purchase-Galarza beat 29 other teams at the competition this weekend.

The competition challenged the teams to find a solution to tackle the effects of natural disaster.

The team, named "Invicta", invented a high-tech wristband for those affected by earthquakes, designed to help rescue workers find people trapped under rubble using radio waves.

Carlos, who is 14-years-old, said, "I thought the final was fun, enjoyable and well organised. Last year we went to Germany so it will be interesting to see how the competition is different."

The winning team, Invicta, will be heading to America for the World Lego Festival Credit: Institute of Engineering and Technology
  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Students strive to solve challenges

Children from schools across Kent have been competing in a robot-building contest at the University of Kent. Their task was to construct a robot and use a computer program to make it do a series of tasks, under the watchful eye of a judging panel.

David Johns went along to watch the action. He spoke to University lecturer Fred Barnes and judge Gaby Roch.


Boy's lego dream comes true

It's one of those toys that most children grow up having at some point - but for one 10 year old who loves to build - lego is something he will never forget.

That's because he has become the the first member of the public to be re-created out of the bricks. The 10 year old won the chance to become a statue after a competiton to find a true hero.

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