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World's largest Lego wind turbine unveiled in Brighton

The world's largest wind turbine made out of lego has been moved to Brighton.

Made with more than 146,000 bricks the structure took 600 man hours to complete.

The turbine will be at its new home at Brighton Marina until early 2018.

From its new location, visitors can see the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.

When it's completed it will have 116 wind turbines, each 140 metres tall.

Once it's fully operational next year, it could power almost 350,000 homes in Sussex.


Mother's warning after boy swallows lego piece

Keane swallowed the green lego piece by accident Credit: Laura Halls

The mother of an eight year old boy who almost choked to death on a piece of Lego, is warning other parents to be extra vigilant.

Keane Halls from Oxford needed emergency surgery after a small block lodged in his windpipe when he tried to pull two bricks apart with his teeth.

ITV Meridian spoke to Keane's mother Laura.

Statement from Lego

"At the LEGO Group we put product quality and safety as our highest priority. We naturally deeply regret the very unfortunate and unpleasant experience of both the parents and child in the specific case, and we are happy to hear they are doing fine despite the experience.

"As a company we adhere to the strictest toy safety standards globally and even go beyond legal requirements in our internal quality and safety standards that we apply to our products, to ensure the safety of children when they play with LEGO bricks.

"Despite the very stringent safety measures we take, we do not recommend that children put LEGO bricks in their mouth. On LEGO boxes containing small parts we make aware, that these may pose a potential choking hazard. The text is written alongside the age marking that indicates that these products are not suitable for children aged 0-3. In many sets we also include brick-separators – small tools that enable children to separate most LEGO bricks in a safe manner if they are unable to do it with their hands.

"We are grateful for all the feedback we receive from consumers around the world and we use this to improve both our products as well as product related communication."

– Spokesman for Lego


The Christmas tree and angel - all made from Lego!

Legoland has unveiled its Lego Christmas tree and angel. Rare transparent bricks were used. Altogether 300,000 Lego bricks were needed to complete the project. Interview with Lauren Moss, PR manager.

Britain's top dog comes face to face with his LEGO model!

A Sprocker Spaniel was officially declared the UK’s best pet when he came nose to nose with his perfect LEGO double at Legoland in Windsor.

One-year-old Sully was voted the nation’s top dog for helping a family deal with a life-changing tragedy and was nominated by eight-year-old Ella Harvey.

Sully was joined by his owners, The Harvey family, who credit their dog with bringing them closer together after dad, Gavin, lost both legs on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The canine topped a nationwide search to find the country’s best pet friend and Ella was overjoyed to see her puppy pal honoured with his very own LEGO model.

Sully has helped the family to overcome dark times.

Ella's mum, Kerry, said: "There's so much physically that we can't do as a family since Gavin was inured. But Sully helps us to bridge that activity gap."

The playful spaniel took a keen interest in his LEGO double, which took a model maker 11 days to create from 6,255 individual bricks.

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