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  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Savings and loans offered by Kent church

Where do you turn when you want a loan? A bank? A building society? A friend? How about your local church! Well this morning, Kent's first "community bank" to be held in a church opened its doors for savers and borrowers.

Last year the Archbishop of Canterbury promised to do more to help people affected by debt, and to provide alternatives to high-interest "pay day loans". But are financial services really what the church should be involved in?

David Johns reports, speaking to the Rt Rev Trevor Wilmott, Bishop of Dover; parish priest Rev Lesley Jones; financial expert Justin Urquhart Stewart; and headteacher Patricia Hatt.

VIDEO: Council offers 'bailout loans' to thwart payday companies

A council in Kent is thought to be the first in the country to offer bailout loans to private tenants who can't pay their rent. Ashford Council says it had to act after seeing a 20 per cent rise in evictions.

The loans are aimed at stopping people turning to payday loan companies. The move should also reduce the number needing to be housed by the council in expensive bed and breakfast accommodation. Earlier we spoke to Cllr Aline Hicks and asked her why we're seeing such an increase in evictions?