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Waterloo Station evacuation 'began 15 minutes ago'


Scooterists prepare for challenge

For most people, a journey from London to Dover and back is a simple matter of getting in the car or on a train - and a couple of hours later, the journey's over. But this weekend seven lads from Kent are doing that trip, both ways - on scooters.

David Johns went to see them preparing for their epic journey and spoke to Nick Hardinges and Luka Syplywczak.

Protesters support Gurkha hunger strike

Hundreds of protesters gathered at Westminster today in support of a Gurkha who's been on hunger-strike for 13 days. Gyanraj Rai is demanding that 25,000 Gurkha veterans are given the same pension rights as their British comrades.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy from Kent has launched a Government e-petition in support of the hunger striker. John Ryall reports.

Schoolboy tries to save Gurkha's life

He's just 13 years old but a remarkable schoolboy from Kent has begun a campaign to save a Gurkha veteran on hunger strike over pension rights. George Taylor has visited Gyanraj Rai near Downing Street - hoping to talk him out of his protest.

The former soldier wants the rules changed that prevent some Gurkhas receiving the same pensions as their British counterparts. It's part of a long-running campaign for equal rights. John Ryall has our exclusive report.

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