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Kent vandals damage cars and drains

Vandals in Kent have damaged almost 30 drain covers and two cars on Monday night.

Two cars were found with scratched paint work and 28 metal drain covers were removed in the Lydd area.

Kent Police believe the damage took place some time over night between Monday June, 17 and Tuesday June, 18.

What may have been a prank to some could have ended in serious injury or worse to a pedestrian, motorist or pet. These covers have not been stolen, but they have been tampered with while a number of vehicles have sustained damage."

– Jasmine Bloomfield, Police Sergeant at Kent Police

Engine issues behind Heathrow emergency landing

The British Airways plane in last week's dramatic emergency at Heathrow landed after pilots shut down one engine and the other engine was on fire, according to an official American accident investigation team.

Engine cowls, or coverings, on both the US-made engines of the Oslo-bound Airbus A319 came off and fell on the runway as the plane took off for Oslo last Friday morning, said the US National Transport Safety Board (NTSB).

The pilots reported that they shut down one engine, there was a fuel leak, and that they were returning, the NTSB said on its website .


Heathrow residents warn against third runway

Campaign group HACAN, representing residents under the Heathrow flight paths, has said it welcomes measures announced by Heathrow Airport to cut noise - but it warned that they would not make any plans for a third runway acceptable to residents.

The new measures include naming and fining the noisiest aircraft and improving noise mitigation for residents, as well as support for steeper approach paths.

A HACAN spokesperson said: “These measures are welcome and will improve the noise climate for residents. But all the good work could be undone if a third runway was built and the huge increase in flight numbers would almost certainly outweigh the benefits these measures will bring.”

Lydd airport expansion: Twitter reaction


No one wants to stay in a seaside town with great big jumbo jets flying overhead #lyddairport #badidea


The future of big flappy birds (especially gulls and waterfowl) that call Dungeness home is in jeopardy #Lyddairport


@robwilliams1973 the impact to the environment will be minimal a lot of scaremongering by the greens with their own agenda #lyddairport


Green Party MEP expresses dismay at Lydd airport decision

The Green Party’s MEP for the South East has reacted with dismay after the Government approved the expansion of Lydd airport. Keith Taylor has campaigned against airport expansion at Lydd for a number of years.

It's hugely disappointing that the Government has given the green light for this damaging expansion. The large number of people that requested a public inquiry into the expansion of Lydd airport shows that there are huge concerns about the impact these proposals would have in terms of the increase in pollution for local residents and the threat to important wildlife.

– Keith Taylor MEP, South East, Green Party

Mr Taylor added that Dungeness peninsula was one of the most important and sensitive wildlife habitats in the UK. The airport’s expansion will have an impact outside the immediate locality, damaging internationally protected wildlife sites.

“Expansion of services will also increase noise and air pollution and raise greenhouse gas emissions in the area. Such developments would set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the region, and indeed the rest of the UK.

– Keith Taylor MEP, South East, Green Party
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