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Road markings on the M3 are the worst in the country

The M3 has the worst road lines in the country according to a new survey.

The worst of them are said to be between Bagshot and Camberley in Surrey, which is Junction 3 and 4.

The nearby A322 between Bracknell and Bagshot are supposedly the second worse, with 84% of the road in need of work.

The Road Safety Marking Association who did the survey rates around half our roads as poor when it comes to drivers seeing white lines and other markings on the road.

Plans to bring in speed restrictions on the M3

The Highways agency today announced consultation plans to bring in speed limits along a stretch of the M3.

Its part of a £174m upgrade of the road that's used by 130,000 motorists each day.

If passed restrictions of 60mph would be in place on a 3 mile stretch of the road from junction 3 at Lightwater to 4 near Camberley.

The Highways agency also want to add an additional lane in both directions between junction 2 at Chertsey and 4a Farnborough.

Earlier Sangeeta Bhabra spoke to Paul Unwin from the Highways Agency and asked him what he would say to drivers not happy about the idea.


'Smart motorway' plans for commuters using the M3

The Highways Agency has launched a consultation today to discuss the speed limit on a part of the M3 in Surrey for London commuters.

Rush-hour traffic slows to an average 45mph on the busy route in the morning and an average of 56mph in the evening.

The planned £174 million upgrade will transform a 13.4 mile stretch into a 'smart motorway' by adding an extra lane in both directions between Junction 2 and 4a.

This will increase capacity, reduce congestion and boost average speeds for motorists to cut 4 minutes per vehicle from a morning commute.

Due to the capacity increase however, emissions from the extra traffic are predicted to breach local air quality limits on a short selection of the route, unless it's limited to 60mph during certain times of the day.

Roads Minister Robert Goodwill said:

Variable speed limits on our motorways are nothing new and have been used for many years to cut congestion and keep vehicles moving.Introducing speed controls for air quality reasons is proposed for less than 1% of the strategic road network. Peak time speed limits on the M3 are currently below 70mph. However let’s be clear, no decisions have been taken yet but the risks need to be managed responsibly, with any proposed limit removed as soon as air quality levels improve.

– Robert Goodwill, Roads Minister


Attack of the giant M3 spider!

In case you missed it yesterday, here's a repeat of that photo that thrilled many - and sent others scurrying under their beds!

This "giant spider" was seen on the M3 motorway in Hampshire. Thankfully though it's not really an enormous arachnid just a trick of the eye as the normal sized creepy crawled onto the lens of a travel camera.

We think it deserves to be a huge web hit!

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