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  1. Tom Savvides

It's like walking on the moon - a treadmill for knee injuries

Sports injuries can often set back the careers of athletes but now space age technology is being used to help them get back on track. Those who've suffered knee problems are being offered therapy with an anti-gravity treadmill at the University of Kent. Tom Savvides explains.

The report includes interviews with marathon runner, Samantha Harraway and Dr Karen Hambly from the University of Kent.

Attacks on ticket machines at stations across the South

A still image from CCTV footage of the suspects Credit: British Transport Police

British Transport Police have released this CCTV after a series of attacks on ticket machines at train stations across the South and the Midlands. Investigators want to speak to this man who was part of a group seen at Hook station in December.

The attacks have caused more than £50,000 of damage in total.