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Endangered zebra born at Hampshire zoo

The foal, Luna, is now a week old Credit: Marwell Zoo

Animal keepers at Marwell Zoo have announced the arrival of a female Hartmann’s zebra - the first for 16 years. This stripy long legged foal is now a week old and is an important animal for the future of the species.

The playful youngster was born overnight on Tuesday September 24 to first time parents Libra (Mum) and Gounzo (Dad). Keepers have named the little foal Luna, which follows a 'space' theme for Hoofstock baby names this year.


Want to name this baby giraffe?

Can you help name this baby giraffe? Credit: Philip Joyce

Can you help name this baby giraffe? He's one of Hampshire's newest arrivals but he's lacking a moniker.

Visitors at Marwell wildlife park are being asked to help, by voting on what to call him.

The new arrival is mum Matilda's seventh calf and she is keeping a close eye on the youngster as he explores his new home.

The park’s giraffes have had a successful year of breeding with the arrival of Ruby a female giraffe in January and Olympia another female giraffe, being born in August.

Can you help name this baby giraffe? Credit: Philip Joyce

The possible names for the baby giraffe, born a week ago, are:

Mosi (meaning 'seventh child'), Tumani (meaning 'hope'), Dubaku (meaning 'seventh child'), Ndwiga (Kikuyu origin meaning 'giraffe'), Nsoah (Akan origin meaning 'seventh born').

Cast your vote here.


New name for new home

The penguins at Marwell Wildlife Park are enjoying the makeover Credit: Marwell Wildlife Park

Penguin World was originally opened in 1997 and following receipt of a generous donation from the Stainer Charitable Trust, they have given the home a £250,000 makeover. Penguin Cove will open at the end of May and visitors will be able to watch the charismatic birds explore their new home.

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