Snow on a street

Snow falls in parts of region

Snow has begun to fall in some of the region, but for the most part has not tended to settle on the ground.

Sunsets: your stunning pictures

You've been sending us your photos of the beautiful sunset over the Meridian region on Thursday night. Keep them coming.

Divya Kohli

Friday headlines with Divya

The headlines for the Meridian region on Friday 7 September. Presented by Divya Kohli.

Live updates

Snow: 'Get me to the church on time'

by Richard Jones

It's times like these when we experience the best of humanity. When the snow falls as heavily as it has done today, then we really are all in it together.

And people will go out of their way to help friends, neighbours, and even complete strangers. Richard Jones reports on how acts of kindness keep us going, and how the milkman got the bride to church on time!



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