Snow on a street

Snow falls in parts of region

Snow has begun to fall in some of the region, but for the most part has not tended to settle on the ground.

Sunsets: your stunning pictures

You've been sending us your photos of the beautiful sunset over the Meridian region on Thursday night. Keep them coming.

Divya Kohli

Friday headlines with Divya

The headlines for the Meridian region on Friday 7 September. Presented by Divya Kohli.

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Bells ring out at Portsmouth Naval Base

The bell which was rung at the entrance of Nelson Gate at Portsmouth Naval Base Credit: Royal Navy

Portsmouth Naval Base resounded to the sound of bells today to herald the start of the 2012 Olympics. Bells on two warships alongside the base – HMS Illustrious and HMS Edinburgh - plus ones on HMS Victory and at the entrance to Nelson Gate were rung for three minutes from 8.12am.

The event was part of the Cultural Olympiad project ‘All the Bells’ involving as many bells ringing simultaneously across the country on the first day of the Games, exactly 12 hours before the opening ceremony.

The bell rung on HMS Victory Credit: Royal Navy
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