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Celebrating "60 years with bells on"

Martlet Morris Men's first “Ring Meeting” in Chichester back in 1963. Credit: Martlet Sword & Morris Men

Chichester’s Martlet Sword andMorris Men are celebrating their 60th Anniversary this summer by inviting 14 teams of Morris Dancers from as far afield as Yorkshire andCornwall to a Festival entitled “60 years with bells on” over the weekend on the 6th & 7th July 2013.

There will be 3 tours on the Saturday spreading from Littlehampton to Havant with about 180 dancers coming together in Chichester at 3.30 in the afternoon for a massed dancing display on the Cathedral Green.

Many former club members who havemoved away from the area or are no longer able to dance will be coming back tohelp run the weekend, which will be based at Westergate Community College,Westergate.