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A Crinkley Bottom for honeymoon couple

This is the sight that greeted a honeymoon couple when they got back to their home in Southend.

The "Mr Blobby" house in Southend Credit: ITV News Anglia

Steve and Hayley O'Rouke's terrace house was given an unexpected Mr Blobby style makeover.

Mr O'Rourke's brother Russell got to work Crinkley Bottom-style in a revenge prank after he'd returned from his own honeymoon to find a brick wall built across his drive.

Prank sees house painted like Mr Blobby

A newly-wed couple returned from honeymoon to find that their home had been painted bright Pink in the style of Mr Blobby.

The Daily Mirror reports how Steve and Hayley O’Rourke, 32 and 31, from Southend discovered the prank after their two week honeymoon

The groom’s brother Russell, 35, planned the Mr Blobby-style paint job in revenge for a similar joke six years ago.

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