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Hampshire firefighters warning about mud and water

Firefighters attend to someone who became stuck in the mud Credit: Hampshire Fire

Hampshire Fire and Rescue are warning teenagers and children about the dangers of mud and water after they attended three separate incidents in the last three days.

Three boys were rescued from mud at Bittern Manor on Sunday, another teenager was rescued from Farlington in Portsmouth and a third was rescued from mud this morning in Southampton.

Station Manager Rob Dellow said, "These incidents act as an urgent reminder of the dangers of mud and water. Luckily the casualties in these recent incidents managed to get out or were rescued by emergency services. These incidents could so easily have had devastating consequences.”

Firefighters attending the incident in Southampton Credit: Hampshire Fire

Their advice for what you should do if you do become stuck in mud include:

  • Stay calm

  • Lie down, spread your arms and legs wide apart and shout for help

  • Get someone to call 999

  • Do not stand upright or attempt any movement as this makes you sink even more quickly

  • If you see someone stuck in the mud, always go for help- do not go into the mud yourself


Two people rescued from mud in Hampshire

Around 15 firefighters from Gosport, Fareham and Havant have rescued two people from mud on the foreshore. One adult and one child were removed to safety by firefighters using water rescue technicians and a rescue sled.

A second child had self rescued prior to the arrival of the crews. All the casualties were handed to South Central Ambulance Service. The 999 call was recieved as 1829 and the stop message came in at 1909.

Warnings after three rescues from Dorset mud

Dorset rescue teams in action at the weekend Credit: Portland Coastguard

People are once again being urged to take extra care when out on the coast, after three separate incidents in Dorset over the weekend where people had become stuck in mud. Portland Coastguard co-ordinated all three rescues.

During one of the incidents, two people were stuck up to their waists in mud on the east side of Lulworth Cove. Anyone becoming stuck in mud is being urged to spread their weight as much as possible.