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Exclusive: one year on, Jayden's mother says she'll never forgive her daughter's killer

Jayden Parkinson's friends and family lit lanterns in her memory Credit: ITV Meridian

The mother of murdered teenager Jayden Parkinson says she still hasn't come to terms with how her daughter died - and she'll never forgive her killer. Samantha Shrewsbury has spoken exclusively to ITV Meridian - about how her life has been 'frozen in time' and why she doesn't feel justice hasn't been done. It has been a year since 17-year-old Jayden was last seen at Didcot Railway Station. The pregnant teenager's body was found two weeks later - in a graveyard. Last night, our reporter Asana Greenstreet joined Jayden's mother - and friends - at a special memorial to her.

Jayden's mother 'can't thank community enough'

The mother of a teenage girl who was killed by her former boyfriend has paid a special tribute to her daughter on the first anniversary of her death.

17-year-old Jayden Parkinson from Didcot in Oxfordshire was murdered by Ben Blakeley. He is now serving a life sentence.

Last night lanterns were released in Jayden's memory. Her mother Samantha, thanked those who went along:


Lantern release to mark one year since Jayden's death

Jayden Parkinson's body was found buried in a shallow grave in Didcot Credit: ITV Meridian

It's one year to the day Jayden Parkinson was killed by her former boyfriend in Oxfordshire.

The seventeen year old's body was buried in a shallow grave in Didcot. Twenty two year old Ben Blakeley was found guilty of her murder - and is serving a life sentence.

Tonight Jayden's mother will release lanterns in her memory.

26 year-old dismembered father and stored remains in plastic storage boxes

26-year-old Nathan Robinson was found guilty of murdering his father Credit: Dorset Police
Mr Spiller was murdered by his son Credit: Dorset Police

26-year-old Nathan Robinson was found guilty of the murder of William Spiller by a jury at Winchester Crown Court following a full trial.

He had previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter which was rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The court heard that Robinson murdered his 48-year-old father on Thursday 16 May 2013. Police were called to Mr Spiller’s home in Stedman Road on Monday 17 June 2013 after receiving a ‘concern for welfare’ call from his partner.

Mr Spiller’s dismembered remains were discovered packed in plastic storage boxes in his home. Robinson had stolen his father’s mobile phone and £8,000 in cash before travelling to Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol to visit friends and relatives.

Robinson was arrested at his mother’s home in the Birmingham area on Tuesday 18 June 2013. He admitted killing his father before using a Stanley knife and saw to cut up the body.

The court heard of the lengths Robinson went to in an attempt to evade justice. A Vax carpet cleaner and steamer were found in Mr Spiller’s home and showed evidence of being used to clean up the scene.

In the month before the body was discovered, Robinson also posed as his father by sending texts from the stolen mobile phone to Mr Spiller’s partner and friend.

The jury took one hour and 50 minutes to reach a unanimous verdict of guilty. Robinson will be sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on a date yet to be fixed.

Two in court in connection with nurse's murder

Rui Li's body was found in the boot of a car in May Credit: Dorset Police

A mother and son are due in court charged in connection with the murder of a nurse in Bournemouth.

The body of Rui Li, who was 44, was found in the boot of a car in May. 27-year-old, Jonathan LeGris and his mother 66-year-old, Erosa Smith were charged with conspiracy to murder yesterday. They are due to appear at Bournemouth Magistrates this morning.

Rui Li's husband - 60-year-old Pierre LeGris has been charged with her murder and is awaiting trial.


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Two more charged over Pennie Davis death

Two people have been charged with conspiracy to murder a mother-of-five in the New Forest.

Pennie Davis was stabbed to death as she tended to her horses in the New Forest. Credit: Family handout

Supermarket worker Pennie Davis, 47, was stabbed to death as she tended to her horses near Beaulieu in September.

Benjamin Carr, 22, and Samantha Maclean, 28, both from the New Forest, have been charged with conspiracy to murder and will appear before Southampton Magistrates' Court later.

Justin Robertson, of no fixed address, has already been charged with murdering Ms Davis, while Leanne Doyle, 24, of Beech Crescent, Hythe, was also charged with assisting an offender and perverting the course of justice.

Ms Davis's funeral is due to take place in Southampton later today.

Funeral to be held for Pennie Davis

Pennie Davis was stabbed to death in September Credit: ITV Meridian

The funeral of Pennie Davis is taking place today in Southampton ,

The 47 year-old mum of five was stabbed to death in September - while tending to her horses in a paddock near Beaulieu in the New Forest.

Two people were arrested in connection with the murder this week, and both remain in police custody.

Twin jailed for murdering brother

Credit: Hampshire Police

A plasterer who murdered his twin brother in a drunken fight on New Year's Eve

has been given a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 13 years.<

Robert Cerqua, 32, was convicted yesterday of killing his brother Christopher,

a carpenter, by a jury of nine men and three women at Winchester Crown Court

after almost 16 hours of deliberations.<

The trial heard that Cerqua stabbed his twin in a "fit of temper" following

an argument that took place in the kitchen of the family house in Langdown Road,

Hythe, Hampshire, on December 31 last year.<

Sentencing Cerqua, who was wearing a shirt and tie, judge Mr Justice Teare

said: "You have been found guilty by the jury of the murder of your twin

brother Christopher on New Year's Eve last year.<

"His death and its consequences have had, and will continue to have, a

devastating effect on your parents and those close to you.<

"You grew up with your brother and from time to time worked with him in the

building trade. When you were both sober, it seems you got on well.<

"But when each of you had too much alcohol, there was a risk an argument might

break out leading to violence. That had happened before and it happened on New

Year's Eve.<

"On New Year's Eve you and he were drinking in the kitchen of your parents'

home. It's unlikely that violence was on your mind or your brother's mind when

you started drinking.<

"From 6pm to 8pm, it's gathered from the record of text messages that all was

well. However, as soon as you both drank more, it seems that you feared a fight

might break out.<

"Then an argument and a fight broke out, quite why is not known, but it did.<

"Whether you picked up a kitchen knife from the worktop or your brother did is

also not clear but what is clear is that you ended up with the knife in your

hand and you stabbed your brother in the abdomen, causing a fatal wound."<

The court heard that Cerqua had served previous prison sentences for offences

of battery and affray relating to domestic incidents involving his former


He also had previous convictions for motoring offences and criminal damage.<

Nicholas Haggan QC told the trial that Cerqua, who had been drinking, got

involved in an argument with his brother which then turned violent.<

He said the parents of the twins, Peter and Denise Cerqua, were present in the

property, where both sons also lived, when the fight took place in the kitchen.<

Mr Haggan said Mrs Cerqua dialled 999 to ask for police assistance and during

the call, which was played to the jury, her husband called out to his wife

asking for an ambulance before he shouted: "He's stabbed him."<

The jury was shown photographs of the kitchen, which showed several crushed

empty cans of Stella Artois lager alongside party food.<

Mr Haggan said the defendant fled the property bare-foot and called his

girlfriend, who took him to a friend's party where he continued to get drunk.<

He said: "This is a tragic case. It involves the killing by this defendant,

Robert Cerqua, of his identical twin brother, Christopher Cerqua.<

"The incident which led to Christopher's death occurred in the kitchen of the

family home in Hythe, where both their mother and father were present in the


"In a nutshell, it was New Year's Eve last year, both brothers had been

drinking, shortly before 9pm an argument started between the two brothers.<

"That argument appears to have turned into a tussle, punches may have been

exchanged, at some point this defendant picked up a kitchen knife and he used it

to stab his brother Christopher.<

"Having done so, the defendant fled the family home. He didn't even stop to

take the time to put on a pair of shoes before he left the house.<

"He telephoned his girlfriend, who picked him up in her car and took him to a

friend's house where a New Year's Eve party was in full swing.<

"The defendant turned off his mobile phone which meant that he could not be

contacted by the police.<

"He stayed at that New Year's Eve party until the police traced him to that

address and he was arrested on suspicion of murder. By then he was very


Mr Haggan said that Cerqua inflicted a single stab wound to his brother's lower

stomach which was about seven inches deep.<

He said the defendant told police he had acted in self-defence.<

He explained that DNA found on this knife matched both the defendant and his

brother because, as identical twins, they shared the same DNA profile.<

Mr Haggan said a blood test showed that Christopher had 230mg of alcohol in

80ml of blood - almost three times the drink-drive limit - and Robert told

police he had drunk six cans of lager and two glasses of red wine before leaving

the house.<

He also told police that he had a "fiery relationship" with his brother and

drink could make him "nasty" and "short-tempered".

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