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Man appears naked in court

A man was asked by a judge to be suitably clothed in future after he attended a court hearing today naked.

Naked rambler Stepehn Gough, 54, had just pleaded not guilty to breaching an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) on February 28 this year banning him from going nude inpublic places.

Remanding him in custody, Judge Guy Boney QC said: "Just one thing. I have done you the courtesy of keeping my clothes on while hearing this case.

"I'm sure that the judge trying your case would appreciate you appearing before him suitably clothed. Do you understand?"

Gough replied: "I understand."

Gough of Chamberlayne Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, is alleged to have breached the order the same day it was imposed by magistrates in Southampton when he showed his buttocks and genitalia in public after leaving the court.

The case was adjourned for trial at Southampton Crown Court on June 19

Naked rambler breaches ASBO

Naked rambler Stephen Gough will appear in court this morning after breaching an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

Gough, 54, of Chamberlayne Road, Eastleigh, will appear before Southampton Magistrates later.

Mr Gough was charged earlier today with breach of an interim ASBO issued yesterday. The interim order forbids him to appear in public without covering his genitalia and buttocks.

The interim order covers all of England and Wales and is effective until May 10.


Naked rambler gets ASBO

The naked rambler has been barred from going anywhere in England and Wales without his clothes after getting an ASBO.

Magistrates imposed the order on Stephen Gough, 53, to try get him to cover up in public.

If he flouts the ban he faces going back to prison. The interim ASBO made by magistrates in Southampton, applies to all of England and Wales and lasts until May 10.

Police successfully applied for the order after claiming Gough has caused "much offence" and wasted police time by rambling naked.

Gough has made a name for himself through his unrelenting determination to wander the highways and byways of Britain with no clothes on, as an expression of freedom.

'Naked rambler' reported to police by parents

A man dubbed "the naked rambler" for his determination to wander the length and breadth of Britain in the nude will stand trial for his actions. Stephen Gough was arrested for allegedly outraging public decency in a shop while wearing just his walking boots, socks, a hat and a rucksack.

Parents in a village had reported him to police after spotting him walking through the area while local children were coming out of school. Judge Patrick Eccles at Oxford Crown Court rejected an application by Gough's lawyer to have the charge dismissed.

Gough, 53 , does not deny that he was naked in Carterton, Oxfordshire, on December 4 last year; he does not accept that by being naked in public he is committing an outrageous, lewd or disgusting act as specified by the charge.