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Uncertain future for fire ravaged Clandon Park

The National Trust says it is still unsure whether a stately home which caught fire last week will ever be restored.

Most of the rooms of the 18th century Clandon Park building near Guildford have been completely destroyed and the building left an empty shell - however one room has survived. Emma Wilkinson reports.

'Urgent action' needed to protect our crumbling coast

Urgent action is needed to protect our crumbling coastline before it's too late. That's the warning tonight after large stretches of cliff have collapsed in the past few months.

Extreme weather and rising sea levels have caused the problem, but the National Trust says we now have to take action - before the coastline we love is lost forever. Sarah Cooper reports.


Clear strategy to protect coastal areas is "urgent"

Planning to protect coastal areas from rising sea levels and extreme weather is urgently needed according to the National Trust.

Birling Gap in East Sussex experienced the equivalent of seven years of erosion this winter, leaving buildings teetering on the edge of the cliff.

Birling Gap experienced the equivalent of seven years of erosion this winter Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The National Trust say many of its sites have been 'battered' by storms and 'hit hard' by high tides this winter.

One building has been demolished as it came very close to the cliff edge Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Simon Pryor, natural environment director at the Trust said, "Hard defences will always have their place, but the winter storms that hit many coastal places hard have provided a valuable reminder that they have a limited life.

"Where we can we need to give natural processes that have formed our coast the space to work, and create areas where the coastline can realign as the sea levels rise."

The National Trust outlines its concerns about High Speed 2

Concerns over the high speed rail link - HS2 - took a new twist today - with The National Trust saying it feared the route would badly affect historic land and property.

The Government wants to build the £32 billion pound scheme from London to Birmingham - but there are many opponents.

The Trust says four key historic sites will be seriously affected by the route through Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire - tourist attractions like Claydon House, Waddesdon Manor, Hartwell House and Coombe Hill.

Our transport correspondent Mike Pearse reports.

Mike Pearse spoke to Ian Wilson from the National Trust.


Celebs back campaign to buy cliffs

A host of celebrities are backing a campaign by the National Trust to buy a stretch of Dover's famous white cliffs. The Trust launched a public appeal last month to raise the 1.2 million needed to buy the land which is around a mile long.

Kent based presenter Paul O Grady, Dover born singer Joss Stone, Dame Vera Lynn and Dame Judi Dench are among the celebrities backing the campaign. The charity says they've already raised nearly half the money needed.

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