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Queen Mary 2 on way to Southampton after New York weather causes delays

The Queen Mary 2 had to put back departure to ensure that passengers aboard weather delayed flights from the UK to New York were able to join the ship.

The ship is currently on schedule to arrive in Southampton on the morning of January 10 as planned.

Angus Struthers, Cunard's Marketing Director said "We're looking forward to celebrating Queen Mary 2's 10th anniversary of her naming with a tandem sailing from Southampton with Queen Elizabeth - the two ships will set off together on their respective World Voyages at 8.15pm on 10 January."


Cruise liner Queen Mary 2 delayed in New York because of heavy snow

Heavy snow has hit the East coast of the USA Credit: Cunard

Queen Mary 2 spent part of the weekend delayed in New York because of two feet of snow that fell in the United States.

The Statue of Liberty can be seen from this icy window Credit: Cunard

She is now on her way say Cunard.

Two feet of snow has fallen in recent days Credit: Cunard

The liner is now racing home to Southampton for her tenth birthday celebrations on Friday where there be a big fireworks display.

Snow falls on the deck on the Queen Mary 2 Credit: Cunard

Final international visit for Hampshire destroyer

HMS Edinburgh's visit to New York is an historic milestone for the ship and for the Royal Navy, as it marks her final international visit before her return to base in Portsmouth.

She will be decommissioned to make way for the Navy's new generation Type 45 destroyer.

She manoeuvred through New York harbour to her temporary home at Brooklyn Pier 7, where she will stay for the next few days.

US flights set for arrival delays

Immigration queues are set to get worse into the USA. There is concern if planes are delayed in the US it will have a knock on effect in the UK as well. The Federal Aviation Administration has been told it must make billions of pounds of cuts as part of a Government spending review.

The FAA has told its 47,000 staff it has no choice but to consider compulsory unpaid leave, eliminating night shifts, reducing preventative maintenance and closing over 100 air traffic control towers. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood warned these changes, due in April.

US airlines and airports are preparing themselves for lengthy flight delays and cancellations and longer than ever security check point and customs lines. The are considering various contingency plans, include getting concessions for airports to stay open longer for stranded passengers.