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Case of anthrax discovered at Wiltshire farm

It is the first case in an animal since 2006 Credit: PA/Frank May

A case of anthrax has been discovered in a cow in Wiltshire - the first case in an animal since 2006.

There are restrictions on the farm at Westbury. The cow has been incinerated.

It has been confirmed that no cattle from the field have entered the food chain. A local footpath has been closed. Wiltshire Council is taking "swift action" to deal with the case, saying it is working with partners locally and nationally.

Anthrax is caused by the organism Bacillus anthracis, which can be found in cattle or other hoofed mammals.

A man died in 2006 in Scotland from the disease, which was believed to be the first case for 20 years.

The risk of infection in close human contact with the animal is very low.

– Public Health England
  1. Mike Pearse

Farmers worried about losing land to HS2 rail route

The construction of the High Speed 2 rail line will completely destroy the livelihoods of farmers, according to the union that represents them.

The National Farmers' Union says there are 23 farms along the proposed route in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire which would be seriously affected.

The government says farmers will be compensated - but landowners say the fields left behind would be un-useable. Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse reports.


NFU celebrate apple season with Kent consumers

The NFU will celebrate the English apple season with Kent consumers, with visitors being able to sample new season apples.

It is all part of NFU's campaign and petition to 'Back British Farming'.

It has been launched to highlight the decline in the country's self-sufficiency, with aims to boost production and consumption of home-grown food.

More than 1400 people and organisations have already signed the petition, including Waitrose, The Cooperative and celebrity chef James Martin.

Kent NFU chairman James Smith said, "We have had a fabulous response to the Back British Farming campaign so far from MP's, supermarkets and from members of the public. We hope to encourage many more people to sign up to our charter over the coming days."

Farmers say price of milk is ruining them

Farmers from the south are staging a mass demonstration in London tomorrow - and threatening to with hold milk supplies. They've been hit by the 'triple whammy' - supermarket price wars - low bulk prices and increased production costs.

One farmer says it now makes more sense to pour his milk down the drain than to sell it for zero profit. Click below for David Johns full report