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Full report: Thousands sign up for organ donor register

Back in February, we appealed for your help to save lives and your response has been incredible. Our From the Heart campaign aimed to increase the number of people on the organ donation register. You signed up in your thousands.

The number of people registering in the Meridian region was particularly high. Stacey Poole looks back at the plight of those on the transplant list - and the difference that organ donation can make.


Thousands join organ donor register

Thousands of people joined organ donor register following ITV News campaign Credit: ITV Meridian

Thousands of people have joined the organ donor register following a major campaign by ITV News Meridian.

In February of this year we launched our From the Heart campaign. Since then more than 9,000 people have joined the register in our region, compared with just 818 during the same period last year.

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From the Heart: Organ transplants - making progress

The very first kidney transplant took place in the UK less than sixty years ago - since then - transplants have become one of the most successful forms of modern medicine. But more lives could be saved if there was not such a desperate shortage of organs.

This week ITV is highlighting the issue - in our campaign - From the Heart - and we're hoping more people will sign up to the donor register. Today we look at just how far organ transplant has come - Stacey Poole reports.

If you would like to join the organ donor register you can do so online.


From the Heart: Life on the transplant waiting list

Now can you imagine gasping for every breath - having to use oxygen 24 hours a day and not knowing whether you're going to live or die. Well that's the terrible situation 27 year old Sam Yates from Basingstoke is in.

She suffers from cystic fibrosis - and desperatley needs a double lung transplant - but after years of waiting a match has never been found.

At the moment she's in hospital - suffering from a severe chest infection - but the future is looking bleak.

In our special series - From the Heart - our Correspondent Stacey Poole has been to meet her - and find out what life is really like on the Transplant list.

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