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Oxfam reshape UK operations to 'reflect their priorities'

Oxfam plan to reshape their operations in the UK Credit: Press Association Images

Oxfam are planning to change services at their Oxford headquarters, cut 125 jobs and close some regional offices it has been announced today.

It is all part of their plan to reshape their UK-based operations to reflect the organisation's priorities.

Oxfam is hoping these changes will show the organisation as a global leader in supporting development and delivering aid in areas of the world where it is most needed.

Mark Golding, Oxfam CEO said, "Advances in technology means we no longer need as much support in head office.

"Instead, our resources will be focused in the regions where we carry out the majority of our work.

"This means we can deliver the most effective and efficient support to the millions of people who go to sleep hungry every night."

The changes will be in two stages, starting with a reform in human resources, finance, business support and campaigns at in the Oxford headquarters.

Then, it is thought a total of 125 jobs are expected to be lost, with some regional offices then closing.


Seventy years of Oxfam's history to go on display

Some of the archive material being donated to the Bodleian Libraries Credit: Kate Bunkall

Oxford-based international development charity Oxfam has announced it has donated the organization's archive, spanning the last seventy years, to the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries.

Now, with a substantial grant from the Wellcome Trust, a four-and-a-half-year project is underway at the Bodleian to catalogue Oxfam's extensive records and make them more accessible.


Donated Beckett book sells for thousands

An eagle eyed specialist spotted the Samuel Beckett first edition in Oxfam Credit: PA

A book donated to Oxfam has sold at auction in Oxford for twelve thousand pounds after an eagle-eyed specialist spotted it was a rare find.

The first edition of Samuel Beckett's Murphy was sold at the charity's annual Bonhams book auction and went for double the estimated price.

Murphy, published in 1938, was the first novel written by the Irish author and dramatist. The auctioned book is one of only 1,500 copies printed and one of the few that has survived with its original dust jacket.