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Jailed for life for murder in Oxford

A man has been jailed for life for the murder of father in Oxford, whom he stabbed with a kitchen knife. Egidio Da Silva Alves admitted killing Domingos Romalho in Headington in February.

Egidio Da Silva Alves jailed for life Credit: Thames Valley Police

A court heard the two men had been embroiled in a family feud. Alves will serve a minimum of twenty years and ten months.

No sentence will ever be enough, it won’t bring Adomi back. It’s over now, I hope my husband can rest in peace, we must now try to move on with our lives. We would like to thank the Police, CPS, the people who tried to help Adomi that day and my family and friends who have been supportive throughout.

– Statement from Adomi's family

This sentence reflects the severity of the crime that Da Silva Alves committed, which tragically led to the death of Domingos Romalho. The loss of Domingos was one that his loved ones felt deeply and my thoughts are with them at this difficult time. I would like to praise the bravery and courage of those who witnessed this horrific incident. Whilst we would never advise members of the public to risk their own safety and intervene, in this instance they acted courageously to stop the attack, to disarm Alves and provide first aid to Domingos before the emergency services arrived. I’d also like to thank all of those who have worked tirelessly on this case, in order to bring this dangerous offender to justice.

– Detective Inspector Dave Hubbard


Warnings after chip pan catches fire

The blaze was quickly extinguished

A smoke alarm prevented more serious damage after a chip pan caught fire at a flat in Oxford.

Fire crews were called to property in Meadow Lane at 9.21 pm on Saturday night.

The fire had been caused by an unattended chip pan left on the hob which had ignited and spread to the surrounding area.

The occupant was alerted to the fire by the activation of the smoke alarms.

The quick thinking of the occupant to close the kitchen door on the fire helped contain the fire to the kitchen and prevented fire spread and heavy smoke damage to the rest of the property.

The occupant was checked over by South Central Ambulance Service and was very fortunate not to have suffered any effects from the fire or smoke.

The occupant was very lucky not to have been injured.

This incident emphasises the importance of having at least one working smoke alarm on each level of your home which should be tested once a week. On this occasion the occupant was alerted to the fire by the smoke alarms which gave them time to evacuate the property safely.

The occupant took absolutely the correct action by evacuating immediately and I urge people to remember to ‘Get Out, Stay Out, Get the Fire and Rescue Service Out’ under circumstances such as this”.

– Incident Commander Michael Milling

Parents: 'We want to help others in memory of Elliot'

Elliot's parents want his legacy to live on by helping others

The family of a little boy from Oxford who died of leukaemia have launched a new charity in his memory. Elliot Cornfield's parents have launched' Elliot's Shed' - providing free specialist equipment and toys for the parents of children with Down's Syndrome to borrow. The items can be expensive to purchase. Penny Silvester reports.


Farmer fined £1,200 for leaving dead sheep on land

Library pictures Credit: ITV Meridian

An Oxfordshire farmer has been fined more than £1,200 for leaving rotting dead sheep on his land.

54 year old James Edward Hedges from Bletchingdon left five carcasses on fields at Wolvercote.

Oxfordshire County Council's Trading Standards Service found Hedges also failed to keep essential records to prevent disease outbreaks and protect the health of both humans and livestock.

Library pictures Credit: ITV Meridian

“This result acts as a reminder of the importance of maintaining good farming standards and should reassure the public that action will be taken, when necessary, to protect consumers.”

– Councillor Judith Heathcoat, Oxfordshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Trading Standards

“Uncontrolled animal by-products can present a risk to both human and animal health and the legislation is there to safeguard the food chain and to prevent the spread of animal diseases. Fallen stock should be safely and suitably handled, with measures taken, without undue delay, to stop other animals and wild birds having access to it."

“Equally, whilst the use of veterinary medicines can be essential in preventing and treating disease, livestock owners have a duty to record such usage details, to ensure that animal products, such as meat and milk, are free from medicine residue, at the time it enters the food chain. Without appropriate record keeping, it is impossible to evidence when this is safe to do so.”

– Jody Kerman, Oxfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards Operations Manager
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