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Spectacular pumpkin creations from across the region

Thousands of people across the ITV Meridian region have spent hours patiently carving some spectacular pumpkin creations for Halloween tonight. Here's just a few:

Some impressive work from Glaysher Family Butchers
The Glaysher Family Butchers' amazing effort
A slightly less scary design from the Fosters in Godalming
Michelle Brown's impressive sculpting
Andy Walsh's Harry Potter themed pumpkin

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Firefighters go on strike today

Firefighters are to go on strike, from this evening, for four days in a bitter ongoing row with the Government over pensions.

They're set to walk out from six o'clock this Hallowe'en evening, until next Tuesday. Contingency plans are in place. Managers say they've hired in contract staff to cover but this is one of the busiest weekends of the year with bonfires and firework displays.

Fire crews prepare to strike in a row over pensions Credit: ITV Meridian

In for a treat: You don't need to wrap up today!

We're in for a treat today .... and the warmest Hallowe'en on record. Temperatures are expected to reach twenty one degrees today - eight degrees higher than average.

Hallowe'en Credit: PA Images

The Met Office says the last time the temperature was this high - at this time of year - was in Dartford, in Kent, in 1968. That was 20 degrees then.


Making waves - new ship simulation facility

A maritime centre in Oxfordshire has launched the world's 'most sophisticated' ship simulator.

The marine modelling facilities will help engineers to improve the design of ships and structures such as oil rigs. HR Wallingford's UK Ship Simulation Centre and the Fast Flow Facility are at Howbery Business Park in Oxfordshire.

The Fast Flow Facility is a 75 m long, 8 m wide dual-channel flume which can hold a million litres of water, generate 1 metre high waves and produce fast tidal currents to simulate the way waves, tides, sediments and structures interact.

The new facilty features a 75 m long flume which can hold a million litres of water

"What makes the Fast Flow Facility unique is the way we can simulate sediment movement, big waves and fast tidal currents at the same time. No one else can do this, certainly not at such a large scale.

"We can now look at the way waves and currents move sediment on the seabed in deep water at a large scale, and understand what this means for fixed or floating structures such as marine terminals, offshore wind turbines, wave and tidal energy devices, telecommunication and power cables and pipelines. Modelling large structures and arrays without compromising on scale will help us to reduce uncertainty, optimise designs and more effectively minimise project risks for our clients during the very early stages of a project."

– Professor Richard Whitehouse, Technical Director of the Fast Flow Facility
Lord Heseltine launches new ship simulation facility
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