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Driver speaks of chaos at Calais as migrants target his car

A family from Kent have been describing how migrants tried to get into their car as they queued at Calais ferry port. Colin and Anje Evans from Gillingham filmed what happened on a mobile phone. They have spoken to ITV Meridian about their experience. It comes as Eurostar passengers were stranded for several hours after trespassers got onto tracks near the Channel Tunnel in Calais and on the roofs of trains. Tom Savvides reports.


Eurotunnel bosses say desperate migrants are trying new tactics to get on trains

Migrants desperately trying to reach Britain have started targeting Eurostar trains because of increased security measures at the Channel Tunnel, operator Eurotunnel has said.

Two trains were forced to turn back, one to London and one to Paris, while a rescue train was sent for passengers left in "disgusting" conditions when their service broke down near Calais.

Eurotunnel said security measures introduced at the Tunnel in recent weeks - including extra fencing and more patrols - meant migrants were trying to break on to nearby tracks used by Eurostar and freight trains at Calais-Frethun station.

Migrants try to get on lorries and trains near Calais Credit: ITV News

Eurotunnel spokesman John Keefe said: "Since Channel Tunnel security increased over the past few months, we've seen the migrant problem displace to other areas as they try to get on to trains before they reach the Tunnel.

"They're stopping trains by blocking the tracks, then trying to get through the Tunnel, but we won't accept trains with migrants on."

Home Secretary Theresa May insisted last month that new security measures were taking effect at Calais when she toured a £7 million ring of steel surrounding the Eurotunnel terminal at Coquelles.

Eurostar suggested the disruption overnight was the first time its passenger trains had been targeted by migrants during the recent crisis.

The company said the six trains affected overnight could carry up to 4,500 passengers but refused to reveal the exact number who were disrupted.

A spokesman for the company said passengers should expect a normal service today but added that two trains have been cancelled "to ensure the service is as robust as possible".


Exclusive video: Calais crisis - Family's shock as migrants attempt to get in their car

Anjie Evans and her family were returning from holiday in France when they were caught in the Calais migrant crisis.

On her Facebook page, Anjie told of her shock as desperate men, women and children tried to get on lorries and cars stuck in jams at the crossing. They even tried to get into her car.

Anjie said: "Wonderful journey back from France yesterday, NOT! One of them charged over and smacked my Billy in the face through the open window, thankfully didn't hurt him. Very scary. The poor lorry driver in front had just locked those doors and they ripped them open and piled in. It's like a game to them!! Our 8pm ferry left at 11pm".

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Eurostar delays at St Pancras after overnight disruption

Credit: ITV News

Queues are forming at St. Pancras railway station after "migrants got onto the roof" of a Eurostar train in France, disrupting the cross-channel service.

Eurostar sent an empty train to Calais to collect passengers stranded overnight.

The 07:55 London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord has been cancelled, according to the Eurostar website.

All other services are expected to run normally, the cross-channel operator said.

Credit: ITV News
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