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Lightning storm in the south: the big clean-up begins

Thunder, lightning and flash floods battered the south coast last night. Two weeks worth of rain fell in just one hour in Hampshire. The first storm hit just after 6:30pm, forcing the closure of some major roads as they struggled to cope with the heavy downpours. Just hours later came a second, bigger thunderstorm which lasted 2 hours. Firefighters were called to Basingstoke where a bolt of lightning struck a house. And all that remains of a garage in Winchester this morning is a charred shell after it was also hit. Kerry Swain reports.


Big storm clean-up begins across the Thames Valley

Schools were forced to close and hundreds of homes were left without power after storms and flash floods hit the Thames Valley last night. Three weeks of rain fell in just one hour in Berkshire. In Hampshire a garage - and the car inside - were struck by lightning and turned into a fireball. Those affected by the storms have spent the day cleaning up, as Mel Bloor reports.

Homeowner describes "horrendous" flood damage

Fire and Rescue crews from across Kent and East Sussex have been leading the clean up operation in response to last night's storms.

There were fifty seven flooding-related calls last night in East Sussex. Kent firefighters had more than sixty calls in the Tunbridge Wells area, where in the space of one hour flash floods hit homes and gardens.

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