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It's a beautiful Mothering Sunday - enjoy the sunshine

It's a beautiful spring day Credit: PA

Here's to all those wonderful mothers out there, on what is a beautiful spring day.

Please send us your photos if you're out and about - let us know what you're up to.

Spring lambing is in full swing Credit: PA

And here's one from the archives! Mothers of celebrities at an event in 1975 - do you recognise all their famous children?

Credit: PA


Mother's plea for support following Osney explosion

A mother whose house was totally destroyed in an explosion in Oxford last month, says she's been left with nothing.

Habiba Gudal was one of seven people who lost their homes in the blast at Gibbs Crescent in Osney on Valentine's Day.

She's now living in a tiny temporary apartment separated from her children - and says she is not receiving the support she needs.

Here's Sam Holder.


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