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PM at B&Q in Eastleigh: 'We don't want a DIY recession'

David Cameron talks to B&Q workers at their HQ in Chandler's Ford Credit: ITV

"As I stand here in B&Q it would be a DIY recession" - The words of the Prime Minister as he spoke in Hampshire today, exactly a month before the EU Referendum.

David Cameron and George Osborne were visiting B and Q headquarters to warn more than eight hundred thousand jobs could be lost if the UK exits the EU .

Here's a video clip of some of the main parts of his speech:

But the Brexit Campaign says we can flourish outside the EU and disputes some of the Prime Minister's assessment.

Former Tory Leader, Iain Duncan Smith says a number of economists don't agree with the report and the Treasury has looked at the "very worst possibilties."

Woman's lucky escape after arson attack on her bedroom

A fire had been set outside her bedroom door Credit: Jessica George

A woman says she's lucky to be alive after thieves broke into her flat and set fire to her bedroom door as she slept.

21 year old Jessica George ran screaming from her home in Faringdon early on Saturday morning after she was woken by the sound of someone leaving.

She opened her bedroom door to discover a line of fire which was starting to take hold.

Thankfully she escaped before the fire took hold Credit: Jessica George

Police and fire crews were called to the flat on Russ Avenue just after 5am

The woman managed to escape out of the property. She was treated for shock but was not injured.

The 21 year old was shocked but unhurt Credit: Jessica George


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