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Pan-da-cakes served up for animal park

Red pandas at Drusillas Park enjoying Shrove Tuesday Credit: Drusillas Park

Red pandas at Drusillas Park have joined in the celebration of Shrove Tuesday by eating some special pancakes.

Mulan and Tibao were served unconventional crepes - from a mix known as panda cake.

Panda cake is a special dietary product which contains many of the daily nutrients required to keep the pandas fit and healthy.

Head Keeper Mark said: "We work hard in the zoo to deliver foodand other items of interest to the animals in ways that will keep them mentally stimulated.”

"Pandas are nervous creatures and they were a little wary at first. Mulan was the first to come and investigate - she can never resist a grape! She cleared the whole crepe up in a jiffy!”

Filippin' a pancake for Shrove Tuesday

Traditional pancake races are being held across the south Credit: ITV Meridian

Shove Tuesday will, of course, be marked today by eating and flipping a pancake or two. Teams will compete in the traditional race in Reading this morning. While a business in Brighton wants to break a world record for the largest stack of crepes ever made.