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Drivers warned diesel is rising... because winter is on its way!

Diesel prices on the up again after falling below petrol for the first time in 15 years. Credit: ITV

It was good while it lasted - but tonight drivers are being warned that the price of diesel is once again on the up. Why? Because winter is on its way! This summer, for the first time in fifteen years, diesel was cheaper than petrol. But the AA today confirmed the price holiday is now well and truly over with businesses fearing a tough season ahead.

Big variation in petrol prices

Fuel prices are heading down, and drivers are filling up. - but there are still massive price variations at the pumps depending on where you shop. The average price in the region for a litre of unleaded is £1.13. But you can pay up to 10p a litre more. Sarah Saunders reports.


Cut in petrol prices over festive period

Reductions in petrol prices have been seen across the South - as supermarkets and major petrol companies slash their prices.

It's led to many filling up their cars in between the Christmas and New Year period, following long road trips for families visiting loved ones over Christmas.

Unleaded petrol price in Chandler's Ford was 109.7p per litre Credit: James Street

Petrol price wars: Rural drivers feel the pinch

General view of petrol pumps Credit: PA Images

Rural motorists are beginning to feel petrol price pressure at the pumps again, according to the Hampshire-based AA.

Average UK petrol prices went back above 130p a litre at the end of April and continue to hover around that level.

But the AA, based in Basingstoke, said that a war in which supermarkets have pitted vouchers against rock-bottom pump prices means the cheapest petrol in many big towns and cities is at year-lows of just under 126p.

It added that in small rural towns, where major supermarket competition was less fierce, the price gap between them and cheaper major towns has started to grow again to 4p a litre.

General view of petrol pumps Credit: PA Images

AA president Edmund King said: "While supermarkets, faced recently with worse sales figures when fuel is factored in, have held their fire on pump price increases in cities and major towns, there are signs that some of them and other retailers are getting price-trigger-happy again in rural towns.

"A 2p increase in the wholesale price of petrol through March into April may justify that but, if pump prices stay higher while costs continue to fall back, rural drivers will be tempted to look elsewhere for cheaper fuel."


Petrol prices could fall by another 3p

Petrol prices could fall by another 3p over the next two to three weeks, the Basingstoke-based AA said today.

The average price of petrol now stands at 136.89p a litre following supermarket cuts, already 3.02p lower than a month ago.

Petrol prices could fall by another 3p over the next two to three weeks Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

The AA said average petrol prices could fall to about 134p a litre soon with wholesale fuel prices falling.

Average diesel prices have fallen 4.62p to a current 141.76p a litre, AA president Edmund King said: "The last 12 months have shown pump price volatility is more acute than ever, driven largely by speculation."

Petrol price cuts

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's has announced it will reduce its forecourt prices by 3p a litre.

The cut will come into force tomorrow at all of the store's 266 petrol stations across the country, and also covers diesel. Last week the AA said that UK petrol prices had fallen 4p and diesel by more than 3.5p in the past month.

Asda, Tesco and Morrisons have all announced price cuts in recent weeks.