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Exam time for police dogs - find evidence under water

On the whole we are used to seeing police dogs helping the force find vital evidence, in the fight against crime in the region. But now a select few of our four-legged friends, have been trained to sniff out evidence that has been hidden under water.

Only 14 dogs in the whole country have this ability. Cary Johnston caught up with two labradors attached to Surrey Police, as they were put through their paces in their final doggy exams, designed to test them to the limit.


They are bigger and a lot more feisty than last time!

Video. It has only been three weeks since we last saw them but, in that time, they have got bigger and a lot more feisty. Flash and Flicker are two German Shepard puppies training to be police dogs. Since we last saw them, they have left the police kennels and are now living with local families.

Heather Edwards caught up with them on their first day of basic training and found they have a long way to go before they will be ready to work.