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Uncanny walking gorilla celebrates birthday

A Kent wildlife park is celebrating the birthday of one of their most famous animal residents.

Ambam the gorilla went viral in 2011, when a video of him walking upright like a human was shared worldwide.

Port Lympne Wildlife Park are holding a special party for the western lowland gorilla by giving him a very special birthday cake and celebrations at the park.

The gorilla developed his unusual skill of walking on two legs when he was hand-raised after being separated from his mother.

Endangered tigers enjoy Christmas presents at Kent park

Tigers at Port Lympne enjoy a selection of Christmas presents Credit: Port Lympne

Tigers at Port Lympne Animal Park have been enjoying Christmas presents as such of an enrichment scheme.

The Amur tigers get to enjoy festively decorated boxes, sprayed with an array of fragrances.

The tigers dug into the presents eagerly by ripping them open and rubbing against them.

Tigers at the park will enjoy their presents today Credit: Port Lympne

Providing tigers with new scents excites their sense of smell and is important to create a simulating environment for the animals.

Ben Thompson, Large Carnivore keeper said: "Seeing the tigers interact with new scents is really important. It stimulates their natural behaviour, such as the flehmen reaction (where they expose their tongues to transfer scents to the vomeronasal organ in their mouth)

"They enjoy rubbing against the scent and scent marking over the top themselves. They particularly enjoy Calvin Klein’s Obsession For Men!”


Cute cheetah cubs born at wildlife park in Kent

Mother Izzy and her cubs Credit: Matthew Brewer
The cheetah cubs are the first to born at the park in almost 30 years Credit: Matthew Brewer

Four beautiful cheetah cubs have made an appearance at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent.

The cubs are the first to be born at the park in 30 years and keepers are thrilled with the progress they are making so far.

Richard Barnes, head of large carnivores said, "We are really chuffed that as a first time mum, Izzy's done really well.

"It is quite difficult to breed cheetahs as the process is quite different to other species, so we are really please that it has all gone well."

Adorable red panda cubs born only a few weeks ago

The cute red panda cubs in their nesting box Credit: Port Lympne Wild Animal Park
The cubs exploring a tree! Credit: David Rolfe at Port Lympne

Pictures of two red panda cubs, who were born only a few weeks ago, show how they are already exploring their surroundings.

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park welcomed the healthy cubs and say they are 'delighted' with their new arrivals.

The wild animal park announced the arrival of a female red panda, Wanmei, in July last year.

They hoped that she and male red panda, Tiang Ming, would hit it off.

Head of Small Carnivore Section, Neville Buck said, "The fluffy cubs are Wanmei's first and she is being an excellent mum. Tiang Ming is an experienced father so I think they are a great team."


VIDEO: Giraffes arrival at Kent wildlife park

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park has welcomed two female giraffes that were endangered in the wild.

The female giraffe travelled from Woburn Safari Park on Thursday morning and Port Lymphe will join an exclusive group of 14 institutions in the UK to hold Rothschild giraffes.

Adrian Harland, Animal Director said: "We are delighted to be accepted as part of this breeding programme. There are so few Rothschild giraffes in the wild that programmes like this one are essential. I hope, with the arrival of the male Rothschild that we will soon have the patter of tiny hooves."

Kent wildlife park welcomes new giraffes

giraffes in truck
New giraffes are brought into Kent wildlife park Credit: Aspinall Foundation

Kent's biggest wildlife park has welcomed two female Rothschild giraffe that were endangered in the wild.

Two giraffes have arrived at Port Lymphe Wild Animal Park as part of a breeding programme to boost a decreasing number of giraffes in the wild.

Two giraffes at Port Lymphe animal park Credit: Aspinall Foundation
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