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Plans to boost commerce in Dorset

Ian Girling, DCCI's Chief Executive and Dorchester president Steve Bulley Credit: DCCI

Moves to create a pan-Dorset network of chambers of commerce to fight the county's corner have been boosted by a new member.

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has been leading the drive to unite business groups to give them a stronger voice locally, regionally and nationally.

Now DCCI has welcomed Dorchester Chamber of Commerce as the third town chamber to become affiliated - following hot on the heels of Broadstone and Weymouth and Portland.

The partnership aim to bring together business groups in the area to give them a stronger voice locally, regionally and nationally.

The network of chambers can be far stronger and far more cohesive than it has been. DCCI has the opportunity and the responsibility to start to bring chambers together for the whole of the county.

– DCCI chief executive Ian Girling

Giant jellyfish washed up on Bournemouth beach

The giant sea creature surprised beachgoers in Bournemouth Credit: @ClivePatch
The jellyfish is one of many that has been spotted along the south coast Credit: @ClivePatch

A giant jellyfish has been found washed up in the middle of Bournemouth beach.

It's one of many giant creatures that have been discovered washed up on the South's shores.

The Marine Conservation Society are warning that the oversized marine animals could become a regular sighting if the weather brightens up.

The jellyfish was found on Tuesday halfway between Bournemouth and Boscombe pier.


Ten jellyfish found on south's beaches

Credit: Steve Trewhella

They are normally found in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean but we could see increasing numbers of barrel jellyfish in the waters around the UK, especially as the weather warms up - 10 have recently been found washed ashore.

Steve Trewhella, who photographed this one, believes they get swept on to the beach and stranded by the wind and the tides.

Although this species of jellyfish is harmless, the marine conservation society is still advising people not to touch them.

Jellyfish 3ft across found on shoreline

Photographer Steve Trewhella with one of the barrel jellyfish Credit: Steve Trewhella

It may look like a monster of the deep, but that didn't bother wildlife photographer Steve Trewhella spotted when it washed up in Portland, Dorset. He has photographed several of the creatures which have recently washed up along the south coast.

Holy face appears on paper towel

'Jesus-like' face appears on sheet of paper towel Credit: Dorset Media Service

Stuart Fretwell a victim of the storms and gales was overcome when he came face to face with the ‘Rolly-Ghost’. Whilst mopping up a roof leak with a roll of paper towels he was shocked as he tore open a fresh roll to be confronted with a Jesus like face on the first sheet.

This icon caused a huge amount of interest in the Fretwell household who had been caught up in storms of recently at Portland, Dorset.

Stuart Fretwell was shocked to find the image on a paper towel Credit: Dorset Media Services

Stuart Fretwell said “We did think it looked rather Jesus like, it sort have had a religious look when viewed from the side. With all that was going on with our leaking roof and the problems with the insurance we were sort of re-assured by the presence of this icon like image.

Our house was battered by the storms we thought it was at last a good omen and the mopping up of the leaks came to an abrupt halt when this face appeared as it did, it was so weird and we just had to stop and admire it”.


Coastguard stations to close

Solent and Portland coastguard stations will close next September Credit: Chris Ison/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Solent and Portland coastguard stations will close next September, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has said.

The stations, which co-ordinate search and rescue services, are being replaced by the operations centre in Segensworth, Hampshire.

They were provisionally set to close by next April.

The new Maritime Operations Centre will be run alongside nine other 24-hour centres around the UK.

Full report: Hoax calls to coastguards 'risks lives'

Portland Coastguard has received twelve hoax calls in the past fortnight. They're all believed to come from one man using a marine band radio.

The Coastguard says it's not only wasted hours of their time and thousands of pounds in helicopter costs, it could mean real emergencies aren't dealt with as well as they should be, putting lives at risk. John Andrews reports.

HMS Portland completes frontline training

HMS Portland operational training Credit: Royal Navy

The Royal Naval frigate HMS Portland is on 24-hour duty protecting the UK coastline after completing training for frontline duties.

HMS Portland is at 24 hours’ notice to respond to immediate events as Britain’s on-call warship in home waters having also undergone a £27m refit.

HMS Portland in training Credit: Royal Navy

This is the ship’s first tasking after a 12-month refit and seven months of intensive training off the South Coast which included six weeks of basic operational sea training – which prepares the ship for any frontline tasking worldwide - from war to humanitarian.

Leading Steward Stacey Billet treats patient on evacuation exercise Credit: Royal Navy

The ship’s crew has worked hard to hone their war-fighting capability in addition to developing their fire-fighting skills off the SW coast by taking part in realistic exercises simulating a maritime convoy escorting supplies to a conflict-hit country.

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