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Charlie has his sights set on Hollywood

The Hampshire actor now lives in Hollywood Credit: Charlie Clark

An actor from Portsmouth is so determined to break into the big time that he's moved to Hollywood. Charlie Clark, who's 24, is studying at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. Former students include Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland.

It's a very competitive place, and you have to work your socks off. It's a little strange when you get invited to a George Clooney party. A couple of years ago I was catching the train from Cosham to Commercial Road every day. Now I'm next to the beach with palm trees everywhere. I have some upcoming projects and I'm really excited.

– Charlie Clark


Case of Hepatitis A reported in Portsmouth

Public Health England is investigating a single case of Hepatitis A in Portsmouth.

People connected to the case will receive a vaccination Credit: PA

The Wessex PHE Centre has recommended that close contacts of the case, including household, children and staff attending the same class group as the case should receive Hepatitis A vaccination to prevent further spread of this infection.

This viral infection which is very uncommon in England is often associated with foreign travel. It can cause a range of illness from mild, non-specific nausea and vomiting through to hepatitis (liver inflammation, jaundice, or icterus) and rarely, liver failure.

The illness in young children may often be very mild or they may not show any symptoms at all but can pass the infection to others.

We are working closely with colleagues in the local NHS and Portsmouth City Council Environmental Health and Public Health departments to manage the low risk of spread of this illness.

We have reviewed the risk posed by this infection and have recommended the vaccination of all children and staff in a specific class as a precautionary measure.

No other children, staff or visitors to the schools will be offered the vaccine at this time as the risk of exposure to them is very low. However, we are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to review the need to extend vaccination.

– Dr Anand Fernandes, Consultant in Health Protection at PHE Wessex

Thousands of pounds awarded to Portsmouth schools to help them serve up school dinners

Cash to help provide school dinners Credit: ITV news

Schools served up meals grants

Three Portsmouth schools will benefit from Government funding to help them deliver hot school meals to infant pupils.

College Park Infant School has been awarded the maximum £250,000 to install a new kitchen and extend the dining hall area, with the council funding an additional £90,000. Debbie Anderson head teacher at College Park said: "Being able to have a kitchen on our own school site will really help us to efficiently provide free quality meals to those families who want to take them up for their children. It will make a real difference to our lunchtimes."

Devonshire Infant School was also awarded £250,000 with an additional £30k from the council to build an extension to create a larger dining hall and additional seating space. Mayfield School was also awarded £90,000 for refurbishments to create a servery and dining space for their infant pupils.

Neill Young, Cabinet Member for Children and Education at Portsmouth City Council said: "Regular meals and eating a healthy balanced diet is fundamental to the development of children's health and wellbeing and healthy pupils are more likely to be better learners and to get more from their school day. Lunchtime and the dining environment are important and being able to provide a hot, free school meal to our infant children is beneficial. We're really pleased to have been awarded grants to enable three of our schools to improve the dining experience for their young pupils."

Chance to quiz organisation that commissions Portsmouth's healthcare

Patients and service users will get another chance to quiz the organisation which commissions most of Portsmouth's healthcare services today.

Meeting will start at 1pm at St James' Hospital Credit: PA

NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group is holding a governing board meeting in public from 1pm to 3pm at St James' Hospital, Milton.

This will be followed from 3.15pm to 4pm by a question and answer session for the public, who can either attend to ask their questions or email them in advance to

The CCG says GPs and other board members will try to answer any issue relating to the commissioning of the health services that they buy in, or other related health issues. But they cannot answer questions relating to individual patients.


Portsmouth public asked to share hospital experiences

Listening event will be held at hospital on February 10 Credit: Press Association

England's Chief Inspector of Hospitals is inviting members of the public to tell his inspection panel what they think of the services provided by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

Their views and experiences will help inspectors decide what to look at when they inspect the trust.

The trust is being inspected and given an overall rating under radical changes which have been introduced by the Care Quality Commission and it will be given an overall rating as a result of the inspection. The formal inspection of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust will start on 11 February 2015.

To ensure the views of patients and the local community are properly heard, the inspectors will hold a listening event at the Oasis Wellness Centre, Queen Alexandra Hospital on Tuesday, 10 February.

Chinese warships leave Portsmouth after 'historic visit'

Ships set sail out of Portsmouth Credit: Royal Navy Media Archive

Following a historic five day visit to British shores three Chinese warships have sailed from Portsmouth.

The Royal Navy says the visit by the assault ship Chang Bai Shan, frigate Yun Cheng and the replenishment ship Chaohu has helped strengthen relations between China and the UK.

Crowds gather to wave off the ships Credit: Royal Navy Media Archive

It was the first time since 2007 that a Chinese warship has visited the UK and they will now head for Kiel in Germany.

Vandals affect Christmas travel as they slash tyres on 20 cars

More than 20 cars had their tyres slashed in Portsmouth overnight between 23 and 24 December.

So far officers know at least 21 cars were damaged in Festing Road and Salisbury Road.

Police said: "A sharp implement has been used to puncture holes in the tyres of vehicles. It’s not believed at this stage that the owners were deliberately targeted but instead it’s thought this is random vandalism by at least one person.

"Whoever is responsible for this mindless act of damage has not only impacted financially on their victims at an expensive time of year, but may have also stopped some of them being able to travel to visit love ones over this festive period."

HMS Iron Duke returns to Portsmouth

HMS Iron Duke returns to Portsmouth Credit: ITV news

HMS Iron Duke will return home to Portsmouth today after a six month tour of the South Atlantic. The ship and its 180 crew have covered more than 27,000 miles and visited eleven countries since they set off.

The ship has been conducting maritime security operations and providing support to British Overseas Territories in the region. She paid goodwill visits in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Panama, Haiti, Barbados and the Azores and also visited the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

Iron Duke's Commanding Officer, Commander Thomas Tredray, said: "This has been a very successful deployment for HMS Iron Duke. We have represented the Royal Navy and the UK around the world, on the high seas and during a wide variety of port visits. The ship's company have achieved everything that has been asked of them and I am very proud of how well they have performed."

Roles included exercising with forces from Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria and France and hosting a UK Trade and Industry event in Lagos, Nigeria, on behalf of the Home Office. On patrol around the Falkland Islands the vessel visited several outlying settlements and conducted training with other British forces. Iron Duke hosted a conference on illegal immigration and the ship's company also got ashore to help local UN forces with several community regeneration projects.

During the deployment the ship has produced more than seven million litres of fresh water and the crew have eaten their way through 7,760 sausages and 1.5 tonnes of baked beans. And through a number of charity events on board, including horse racing, darts and whole-ship Cluedo, they raised more than £2,000 for various charities.

Chef Lewis Stafford, 26, one of nine chefs on board, said: "This has been the first deployment of my career, and I won't forget it anytime soon. It has been a great opportunity to really get stuck into my various job roles, hobbies and interests. In Guinea I took part in the outreach project where we painted a school and helped create a better learning environment for those who studied there. This was a very memorable and reflective experience."

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