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73 year old man robbed during epileptic fit in Portsmouth

A 73 year old man has been robbed while suffering from an epileptic seizure in his own home. The man was alone in the house when he heard persistent knocking at his door. Still unwell, he managed to answer and found two men at the door. The men claimed to be from the water board and said they needed to sort out a problem inside his home.

One of the men went upstairs and the other to the kitchen. £50 was taken before both men left the house and appeared to meet up with a third man outside. They then men walked off towards an underpass.

The first man is described as white, early 30s, slim build, 5ft 10ins tall and wearing a white ‘windcheater’ jacket. The second man is described as white, between 30 and 40 years of age, stocky build, 5ft 7ins tall and wearing a black jacket and baseball hat.

Detective Constable Rebecca Brown said: “It appears the homeowner was targeted as a result of his vulnerability. It would have been clear to the offenders that the man was unwell. Allaway Avenue is a busy road which runs through Paulsgrove, someone must have seen these men. I would urge anyone with information to come forward.”

Police believe the robbery could be linked to a similar incident which was reported a few hours later in Windmill Lane at Bursledon. Three men were involved and a similar motive was used. £170 cash was taken from this address.


The America's Cup 'auld mug' officially arrives in Portsmouth

The America's Cup arrives in Portsmouth aboard a Navy assault craft Credit: Sarah Gomme/ITV Meridian
The America's Cup is the oldest sporting trophy in the world Credit: Sarah Gomme/ITV Meridian
Sir Ben Ainslie and Sir Keith Mills carry the America's Cup into the race village Credit: Sarah Gomme/ITV Meridian

Mexican tall ship invites visitors on board for Armed Forces Day

Mexican tall ship visits Portsmouth Credit: ITV News Meridian

The Mexican Navy sail training ship, ARM Cuauhtémoc, has opened to visitors this weekend in Portsmouth Naval Base, as part of her five day stop-over in the city.

The ship, which acts as a training vessel for the Mexican Navy, will open to visitors today and tomorrow. Access to the ship is free but visitors will need to enter Portsmouth Historic Dockyard via the visitor centre before going on board.


Abseilers start applying blue paint to Spinnaker Tower

Abseilers have started painting part of the Spinnaker Tower blue, as part of a £3.5 million sponsorship deal with the airline Emirates.

Painting was due to start yesterday, but the paint delivery was delayed.

The tower will be painted blue and gold but keep its white sails. The tower was going to be painted red and white, but the plans were scrapped when local people objected to the fact the colour scheme was the same as Pompey rivals Southampton.

It's like watching paint dry - or not! Work on Spinnaker Tower delayed

Work on the new Spinnaker Tower has started today Credit: KERRY SWAIN

Work on the new Spinnaker Tower has started today but the paint job has been delayed because the van carrying the paint has been delayed getting there.

The Tower is getting a new look Credit: KERRY SWAIN

Workmen can be seen dangling from the Tower as they sand down the structure and prepare it for its new look.

Workmen have been sanding down the structure Credit: KERRY SWAIN

It will be painted blue and gold but keep its distinctive white sails. The tower is being sponsored by the airline Emirates from next month in a £3.5 million deal.

There was outrage from locals when the original design sported red - the colour of Pompey rivals Southampton.

The new design is said to reflect the city's maritime heritage, as well as Emirates' branding.

The view from the water Credit: Portsmouth city council

Emirates will be the first ever sponsor of the famous Portsmouth landmark, which from July 2015, will be renamed the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.The new design will see the bottom 50 metres of the tower take on a distinctive blue, with Emirates gold on the legs and back of the tower.

Call for action to help neglected children in the South

Concern for neglected children Credit: ITV news

A new report from a child welfare charity says more than two thirds of adults in the region don't know what to do if they're concerned that a child is being neglected. Two and a half thousand people were surveyed in areas including Oxford and Portsmouth. Action for Children is calling for more specific advice for the public.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of adults in Oxford are worried about the welfare or safety of a child in their neighbourhood, according to the survey. While more than three quarters (76 per cent) said members of the public should become involved when they have concerns about a neglected child, nearly two thirds (62 per cent) said they needed more information about sources of assistance and advice about their worries.

Action for Children is calling for a national strategy on child neglect that includes a public awareness campaign containing clear, concise information about where children and adults can seek advice and report their fears.

Operational director of children's services at Action for Children, Laurie Long, said: "Friends, neighbours, the owner of a local corner shop - these individuals within a community can be crucial to a child's safety by acting on their concerns. While our figures suggest an encouraging public awareness of child neglect, it is a scandal that people simply don't know what to do when they think a child is not being cared for or where to go to raise the alarm that a child may be in serious danger. Neglect is our biggest problem, the number one reason for child protection referrals to social services, but there is no vision to tackle it. To protect more children, we need a national strategy to command political and public support for change: only this commitment from Government will truly change children's lives."

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