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  1. Christine Alsford @CAlsfordITV

Families fail to gain places at nearby schools

Nearly 300 families in West Sussex failed to win places at the primary schools they wanted - it's a particular problem in Crawley. Several say it makes a mockery of parental choice. The county council says they give families preferred schools wherever possible.

Our Social Affairs Correspondent Christine Alsford reports on the impact for families who have missed out on any of the schools they selected. Many face long journeys - one mum says she risks losing her job as a result.

  1. Sarah Saunders (@SSaundersITV)

Primary places - the situation in the South East

Today marked the first time that every primary school across the UK decided on their intake on the same day.

Although most youngsters ended up exactly where their parents wanted them to go, it meant that thousands in the south east missed out on their top choice. And well over a thousand children did not get any _of the schools they wanted.

As Sarah Saunders reports, the real problem was too few schools and too many children.


Primary school places revealed for some

Families living in Reading in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire should find out later whether their children have been given places at their first choice primary schools.

Reading faces a lack of places from 2014 and moves are being made to tackle the lack of places.

While Oxfordshire has 8,000 places and has received fewer than 7,500 applications.