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Princess Anne dedicates war memorial to US servicemen killed in Berkshire

Princess Anne dedicates a memorial to US servicemen in Berkshire

Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, is at Greenham Common in Berkshire today to dedicate a new memorial to American servicemen. Many were based at the area's airbase during the Second World War. Nearly fifty of them were killed in two seperate accidents above the site in December 1944.

New memorial at the Greenham Common Airbase site

Princess Anne awards lemur researcher

Josia Razafindramanana and HRH The Princess Royal Credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

A Cotswold Wildlife Park researcher has won an award from HRH The Princess Royal after a research project in Madagascar.

Josia Razafindramanana collected the award for inspirational conservation leadership after her work protecting one of the rarest Lemurs in existence - the Crowned Sifaka.


No entry: bridge remains closed for motorists

The Twin Sails Bridge in Poole is still closed to traffic Credit: ITV Meridian

It was opened by Princess Anne less than two weeks ago, but contractors have had to remove the entire surface of Poole's Twin Sails Bridge because parts fell away when it was raised. The problem came when a middle layer of sand asphalt became separated in places from the road's top surface.

Remedial work is currently being carried out. A new layer of blue waterproofing is being laid on the bridge's distinctive 'sails', then the road's top surface will be put directly on to that, leaving out the middle layer which has caused the problems. That work could be completed by early next week.

Poole Borough Council hopes that if the remedial work is successful the bridge, which cost £21m to build could open to traffic at the beginning of April.

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