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Thousands missing out on 'game changing' MRI tests for prostate cancer, charity says

More than 7,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the south east - and more than 1,500 will die from the disease.

Credit: ITV Meridian

Now a new pain-free test, pioneered in the south, is using MRI scanners to help detect the worse tumours.

But so far only around half of the UK's hospitals are offering it - with Medway and Southend among those missing out.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Chris Kitcher, Dr Jonathan Richenberg of the Royal Sussex County Hospital, and Angela Culhane of Prostate Cancer UK.

Health experts spearhead new drive to tackle prostate cancer

Health experts in the South East are spearheading a new drive to tackle the most widespread cancer affecting men. Prostate cancer kills one man every hour in UK. Every day, 100 new cases are diagnosed. And by 2030, the disease is predicted to be the most common cancer overall. Now, special workshops are being held for men who are fighting prostate cancer - and those who've beaten it. From Sussex, Malcolm Shaw reports.


Prostate Cancer campaign launched

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men - with 112 people being diagnosed every single day.

Survival rates have improved dramatically in the past 20 years - but it's still the biggest killer after lung cancer - mainly because people catch it too late.

Now a campaign is being launched to persuade people to talk - to overcome the embarrassment and be more open about the disease

It's called "Men United v Prostate Cancer" to appeal to male instincts and it's hoped a new and open approach will improve the chances of survival.

David Wood has been speaking to Kenneth Jeffers, a cancer patient from Herne Bay, the comedian Bill Bailey and Owen Sharp from Prostate Cancer UK.


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Prostate cancer survivors spark inspiration for film

A new film with an all-star cast is aiming to raise awareness of prostate cancer by telling the story of a cancer support group.

The inspiration behind the film comes from members of a real support group - one of many across the country - who meet in north London to speak about their experiences.

Between them they hope to encourage more men to talk openly about a disease that one in eight of all men will be diagnosed with at some point in their lives.

ITV News correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones went to meet them:

  1. Tom Savvides

Former policeman on how his family urged him to get tested for prostate cancer - and saved his life

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, but many are reluctant to seek help. ITV and Prostate Cancer UK are aiming to change that with a new campaign called Stand By Your Man.

The awareness campaign is encouraging men and their partners to spot the signs and to seek prompt treatment. Tom Savvides reports on how raising awareness can save lives.

The report is followed by an interview with Meg Burgess, a nurse from Prostate Cancer UK.

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Campaign is real 'opportunity' to get men talking

The CEO of Prostate Cancer UK has said the Stand By Your Man campaign is a "real opportunity" to get men and their loved ones talking about prostate cancer.

Owen Sharp, who praised the "incredible" cast list involved in the Fathers Day film, said:

"We know we are starting to raise awareness but we know we have so much further to go.

"The whole idea behind it is to get conversations going around every kitchen table, round every journey in every car or any other time people are talking about things."

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