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Bell Boys take trip down memory lane

They started work at the age of fourteen and were paid just over one pound a week. For hundreds of teenagers from the south being a Bell Boy on the Southampton based cruise liners was a dream job taking them all over the world. Well today the role they played looking after passengers on the great ships like the Queen Mary and Elizabeth was celebrated with one of the oldest surviving Bell Boys taking a trip down memory lane on Queen Mary 2. Mike Pearse reports.

Southampton man has photo of him displayed on Queen Mary 2

Back on board 70 years after Frank Biggs from Southampton started work as a bell boy aged 15. His duties were to look after passengers, walk dogs, carry bags and deliver papers and telegrams. Today he was on Queen Mary 2 where a photo of him dating back to 1945 has been displayed.

Frank Biggs on Queen Mary 2 Credit: ITV Meridian
Frank Biggs looking at photo of him displayed on Queen Mary 2 Credit: ITV Meridian


Southampton to welcome Queen Mary Two

Southampton will welcome home the Queen Mary Two today as she brings to the city a special delivery.

The liner has brought with her from Belgium a sack of earth collected from World War One cemeteries.

It will form part of a national memorial to the Great War in London.

ITV Meridian spoke to Captain Kevin Oprey from Cunard.

Duke of Edinburgh celebrates ship's 10th birthday

The Duke of Edinburgh Credit: ITV News Meridian

The Duke of Edinburgh is helping to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the luxury liner, Queen Mary II in Southampton. The ship sailed into port, along with The Queen Victoria and The Queen Mary, making the city the only place in the world to host all Three Queens, three times.

Three Queens sail into Southampton for ship's birthday

The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Cunard's Queen Mary II later as part of the ship's 10th anniversary celebrations. The ship sailed into her home port of Southampton earlier this morning.

She was named by the Queen and the Duke in 2004. Since then the vessel has undertaken more than four hundred voyages.


Duke of Edinburgh visits Queen Mary 2

The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Cunard's Queen Mary 2 later as part of the ship's tenth anniversary celebrations.

The Ship was named by the Queen and the Duke at Southampton in 2004. Since then the vessel has undertaken more than four hundred voyages and carried more than a million guests.

The Queen Mary 2 was unveiled by the Queen in 1994 Credit: ITV Meridian

Cunard's Chief Executive Officer, David Dingle said, "We are delighted and honoured that His Royal Highness has agreed to visit Queen Mary 2 and take part in our flagship's 10th anniversary.

"Having been present at her entry into service. For all those involved, this will surely be another memorable occasion in Cunard's long history".

The Queen Mary 2 on one of many voyages Credit: PA

QM2 cruise ship celebrates 10th birthday

The QM2 cruise ship berthed in Sydney last month Credit: AAP/Press Association Images

The Queen Mary 2, which was based at Southampton until 2011, is celebrating her 10th anniversary today.

The cruise ship was designed by Romsey's Steven Payne, which includes fifteen restaurants, five swimming pools, a casino, theatre and first planetarium at sea.

Queen Mary 2 comes home to celebrate 10 years at sea

The Queen Mary 2 is back home in Southampton to celebrate her 10th birthday.

To mark the celebration, a military marching band and a huge fireworks display will go ahead this evening.

The ship had been delayed in New York at the weekend due to heavy snow sweeping the United States, but managed to make it back in time.

Her sister ship the Queen Elizabeth will also be in port.

The ship is the biggest of her type in the world and cost £550 million.

The Queen Mary 2 is back home in the port of Southampton Credit: ITV Meridian

Queen Mary 2 on way to Southampton after New York weather causes delays

The Queen Mary 2 had to put back departure to ensure that passengers aboard weather delayed flights from the UK to New York were able to join the ship.

The ship is currently on schedule to arrive in Southampton on the morning of January 10 as planned.

Angus Struthers, Cunard's Marketing Director said "We're looking forward to celebrating Queen Mary 2's 10th anniversary of her naming with a tandem sailing from Southampton with Queen Elizabeth - the two ships will set off together on their respective World Voyages at 8.15pm on 10 January."

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