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Sussex woman jailed in Bali in connection with £1.6 m drug case has been released

A woman from Sussex who was jailed for a year in Bali in connection with a £1.6 million drug smuggling case has been released.

Rachel Dougall from Brighton and her partner Julian Ponder were arrested in May 2012, after £1.6 million of cocaine was found in another woman's suitcase in Indonesia. Ponder remains in the country serving a six-year prison term.

Bali drugs suspect: 'I have been set up"

Rachel Dougall, the 38-year-old Brighton woman arrested in Bali on suspicion of drugs trafficking, claims she has been "set-up" by Lindsay Sandiford, the 55 year old woman caught last month at Bali's airport with cocaine worth £1.6 million in her suitcase.

She told the Daily Telegraph she fears she may never see her six-year-old daughter again.

I have been set up, by this woman Lindsay, I just don't believe what they are saying; that I could be apart from my baby for a long time. I am hallucinating, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I am losing my marbles.

– Rachel Dougall

Dougall had been preparing for her daughter's birthday when Indonesian detectives arrived to search her home. Police found two packets of cigarettes containing cocaine; one in her handbag and one in her daughter's bedroom.

I keep thinking I am at the party. Our friends are around and our daughter is smiling and happy. The last time I saw her she was screaming and crying, she wanted her Mummy.

I had nothing to do with this, it is a set up. The two Marlboro packets with coke appeared. One in my bag, which was in Kitty's room. As if I would have that in my daughter's room? It wasn't mine

– Rachel Dougall


Brighton woman in Bali hospital

A Brighton woman being held over a £1.6 million cocaine haul in Indonesia has been taken to hospital, according to reports.

Rachel Dougall, who is said to not have slept or eaten for days, was taken for treatment after complaining of feeling ill.

She was arrested by police in Bali on suspicion of drug trafficking along with fellow Britons Julian Ponder and Paul Beales at the end of May. An Indian man was also arrested.