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Scally denies racism at his club

The Chairman of Gillingham Football Club has denied claims by ex-player Mark McCammon that he was victimised by bosses because he is black.

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Footballer sues club for 'racism'

In the first case of its kind, a black football player is suing his former club, accusing it of racism. The club denies the allegations.

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Football racism row

Former Gillingham player Mark McCammon has become the first footballer to sue his club for race discrimination.

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Footballer's racism 'hell'

Mark McCammon says he was unfairly dismissed Credit: PA

A black footballer who's suing his former club for racial discrimination says he was "put through hell" there.

Mark McCammon claims he was unfairly dismissed from Gillingham FC.

The 33 year old striker claims he was treated differently to white players.

He told an employment tribunal at Ashford that he was forced to come in for training when there were 'treacherous' driving conditions because of snow and that the club refused to pay some medical bills.

The club denies all the allegations and the final evidence is expected to be heard today.


No racism at Gillingham says football chairman

Mark McCammon
Mark McCammon says he was the victim of a racist campaign to drive him out Credit: ITV Meridian

Paul Scally, chairman of Gillingham Football Club,, is answering accusations that his highest paid striker Mark McCammon became the target of a racist campaign to drive him out of the club and sabotage his career.

In his witness statement to an employment tribunal at Ashford, Mr McCammon says club bosses tried to 'frustrate me out' of the club by refusing to pay private medical bills following injury. In contrast, a white player was flown to Dubai for treatment by an eminent physiotherapist.

And he says that after his dismissal 11 other clubs showed strong interest in him but talks collapsed in every case - the result, he claims, of a 'covert campaign' by Gillingham to 'sabotage' his career.

Mr McCammon was dismissed for gross misconduct after storming into the office of manager Andy Hessenthaler and accusing him of 'racism' because he'd fined him two weeks wages for non attendance during a day of heavy snow while telling white players they need not come in.

In cross examination, Mr Scally said it was completely untrue to suggest that Mr McCammon's wages were docked because he complained of racial discrimination. Asked why Mr McCammon did not receive private medical treatment like other players, he said the treatment in question was non urgent.

Mr McCammon, who was paid £2,500 a week, was dismissed in the final year of a three year contract. He is suing the club and Mr Scally for racial discrimination, unfair dismissal, breach of contract and failure to pay wages.

The club denies all allegations. Mr Scally told the tribunal this afternoon: "I am absolutely confident, convinced and comfortable that there is no racism at the club."

Footballer accuses Gillingham FC of racism

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Mark McCammon in training Credit: ITV Meridian

A former Gillingham FC player has become the first in the country to sue his own club for racial discrimination.

Mark McCammon played three seasons at Priestfield before leaving in 2011.

An industrial tribunal has got underway in Ashford.

It is expected the tribunal will hear claims from McCammon of alleged racial discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The striker's allegations are being denied by Gillingham FC.



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