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Children's play area set on fire in Ramsgate

Fire crews from Ramsgate have been tackling a blaze at the King George VI recreation park in Dumpton near Ramsgate.

Officers say rubber safety matting around the play area is thought to have been set alight deliberately, and that the fire then spread to play equipment.


Boat builder makes slight oversight...

We've all heard horror stories about buying a sofa that's too big to get into the lounge, but what about building a boat that's too big to get out of your garden?

That's exactly what happened to Ramsgate resident John Couzens who decided - along with his two sons - to build a luxury yacht in his back yard.

It was a project designed to boost both the skills and confidence of his children.

But when the big day came to take it to the marina, they were presented with a major obstacle: the house...

Watch John Ryall's report.

Chihuahua plucked to safety by firefighters

Foxy the Chihuahua might only be tiny, but she had a big adventure after escaping from the family home in Pegwell Bay, near Ramsgate on Sunday afternoon.

Foxy became stuck after taking herself off for a stroll Credit: Kent Fire & Rescue

Hayley King, owner of the four-year-old, red-haired Chihuahua believes one of her children left the back door open and Foxy saw her opportunity to take herself off for an afternoon stroll. Once the family realised she was missing they spent over three hours searching for her, alerted the police and put up posters and messages on Facebook.

At 6.30pm Hayley received a call from Kent Police to advise that someone had seen her run past the Stanley Gray pub in Pegwell Bay, but couldn’t catch her as she darted towards the undergrowth at the top of the cliff.

“As soon as I went to the cliff, I immediately recognised her cry but couldn’t see her,” said Hayley, “but thankfully off duty Kent Fire and Rescue Service firefighter, Gareth Redmond came to help. He climbed down to look for Foxy in the brambles and undergrowth, but just couldn’t get to her.”

Gareth put in a call for assistance and colleagues from Blue Watch at Ramsgate Fire Station used a thermal imaging camera to find the adventurous pooch, whose faint whimpering could be heard in the distance.

Foxy was quickly brought back to safety using safe access equipment - a line-based system for lowering and raising firefighters into areas of difficult or hazardous access and happily reunited with her grateful owner.

Amazingly Foxy wasn’t even injured, she was checked over by the vet and had a few scratches and just needed a bath. I can’t thank the team enough for rescuing her.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Gareth for his efforts and to his partner Nikki, who stayed with us throughout and was really helpful and reassuring during a very upsetting time.

– Hayley King, owner
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Millionaire lifestyle for Ramsgate retirees

It's the stuff that dreams are made of - a lottery win to change your life just as you're heading into retirement. Well that's exactly what's happened for a couple in Ramsgate who today picked up their cheque for one point five million pounds!

Sally Wells and Jerry Gregory didn't realise they'd won until appeals by the National Lottery to find out who had the winning ticket for the draw last month. David Johns has been to meet them.

Arts' big names for sale at boot fair

Her work is usually sold in galleries fetching thousands, if not millions, of pounds. But today Margate's Tracey Emim was among many high-profile artists selling their work at a car boot sale as part of the Triennial in Folkestone.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to artists Jim Moir, Gavin Turk, Julia Riddiough and organiser of the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, Karen Ashton.


Finishing touches to Viking boat that will go up in flames!

A group of carpenters in Kent put the finishing touches to their strangest commission today. They completed construction of a replica Viking the full knowledge that tonight it will be reduced to ashes.

John Ryall spoke to carpenters Andy Parkins and Bob Girardot from Broadstairs Shed and Suzy Humphries, Founder of the Ramsgate Arts Festival.

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